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A Simple Work Out with Fitness Weights

A Simple Work Out with Fitness Weights

If you want to have a nice body shape and you don’t have enough time to go to gym, having a couple of fitness weights at home will do the trick to help you keep your weight under control. Whether you want to tone your muscles, lose some weight, build some muscle fiber or you simply want to oxygenate your brain, some fitness weights are the ideal equipment for you. Depending on your current physical condition you can choose some heavy weights or some lighter weights. It’s advisable to use some “upgradable” equipment. You can make to weight more or less according to your personal needs.

  • If you want to build muscular mass you need to choose the weights that only allow you to repeat the same exercise 6 or 7 times.
  • If you want to tone your muscles or lose weight without enlarging them you must choose the proper weights that will allow you to repeat the same exercise 20 or even 30 times.
  • Four to five sets of exercises per day would be enough for each purpose.

Most effective exercises to do with fitness weights

These are some examples of useful exercises that you can do in your home using just a couple of fitness weights. The beauty of this equipment is that it’s very versatile, it’s very affordable and unlike the fitness gym monthly subscription, once you buy it, you have it for all your life.


There are less possibilities to injure your hands if you include in your daily push-ups routine some fitness weights. If you find it uncomfortable to support your weight only on the wrists of your hands, you can take the fitness weights, put them parallel on the ground and hold on to them just like you held two cups of water.


If you want to build a flat abdomen you should make your crunches more efficient. Include some fitness weights by holding them tightly on your chest while you’re performing the exercises. The best type of fitness weights for these particular exercises are the ones that have a disc shape.

Work your arms

Work your biceps, triceps and forearms in no time. You can lift these weights and do something else while you do your exercising routine. Maybe it would be a great idea to do this at work while you do brainstorming with your colleagues?

Work your legs

The key for working your legs is to do lunges while holding some fitness weights. Another exercise good for your legs is to do some indoor jogging on the same spot while having tightened some fitness weights of your ankles.

Weighted clothing – A more comfortable alternative to fitness weights

If you find it uncomfortable to work out with fitness weights, read some weighted clothing reviews and invest in some good pieces of weighted clothing. With weighted clothes, you can tone your muscles, while doing any type of exercises. For example, if you buy some weighted led sleeves or ankle weights, you will be able to tone your legs and glutes and your legs a lot faster, while performing aerobic exercises, or while jogging.

If you read some weighted clothing reviews, you will notice that many pieces of weighted clothing allow you to adjust the weight, according to your level of strength. This is why weighted clothes are better than fitness weights. With fitness weights, you start with very light weights and as you get stronger, you need to buy heavier weights. On the other hand, with weighted clothing, you simply add more weights to the same piece of equipment.