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Here you can submit your blogs about art and everything to do with it. Share information about artistic movements, the history of art, or about the various types of artistic expression such as painting, drawing, sculpture, writing, music composition or photography. Blogs about performing arts such as dance, theater, workshops or other artistic activities are also welcome here.
  • Artists

    Learn about artists from various fields of activity, from photographers to painters, sculptors, writers, dancers or musicians and see what inspired them to create
  • Crafts

    Crafts of all types are detailed, from handicrafts to arts and crafts or studio crafts; learn a lot of useful crafts which make for great hobbies, such as woodworking, glass blowing, weaving, metal work and much more.
  • Design

    Information about design in all its forms is available here, from fashion design to graphic design, architecture, product design, or interior design.
  • Drawing

    Learn about the visual art of drawing, about methods, schools, categories of drawing, and artistic movements which influenced the genre.

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