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Tips for Buying a Quality Stand Up Paddle Board

Tips for Buying a Quality Stand Up Paddle Board

When it’s hot outside and you want to chill and enjoy the chill water, the stand up paddle board can become your favorite entertainment for the day. This interesting item offers the intensity of surfing with the benefits that you can sit upright and enjoy the view while making your own way through the water. Unless you are a pro, chances are you know little about the stand up paddle board, so a quick buying guide can be of great help when choosing a quality unit.

Where will you be able to use your SUP?

The stand up paddle board, or SUP, shortly, is very easy to maneuver because it’s very lightweight and is easier to sneak than a boat or a canoe. Besides the wide seas and rivers, the SUP can be driven on lakes, ponds, bays, streams, and any other form of water that allows you to paddle.
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There are many types of stand up paddle boards to choose from

Once you get the hang of handling a SUP, you also need to know some basics like the models you can choose from. There are the surf ones that turn very well and glide smoothly on the water, there is also the allround model that is much wider and more stable so you can use them for long expeditions, the racing version that is long and narrow and perfect for speed, and the yoga stand up paddle boards that allow you to handle them in various postures.
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Choose the right shape, size, and weight for your needs

Depending on where you will be using the stand up paddle boat, you will need to consider some aerodynamics details that influence the comfort in use and the safety of the unit. The SUP will need to match your weight and height and will need to be stable enough to keep you safe even in wavy waters.


If you are short, you will need a narrower model that will allow you to get your paddle in the water without going to close to the edge. Also, make sure the board you choose can handle your weight because they range in weight categories.


While you might be tempted to go for the very narrow model, you need to keep in mind that a few extra inches will make the board more stable and will prevent any accidents. The narrow models are designed for speed and are perfect for professional surfers so you shouldn’t choose one unless you are good at it.
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This also influences the speed and stability of the stand up paddle board, as well as its maneuverability on water. The longer models that look like a kayak are faster while the shorter ones are easier to turn, which is great if you want to catch waves.


All the details above influence the thickness and volume of a SUP board and determine how comfortable you will be feeling while handling it. Remember to try the demo version before you buy one, to make sure it fits you perfectly.