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Is alkaline ionized water worth it – Benefits, Side Effects, and Dangers

The benefits of drinking alkaline ionized water have been much praised in the latest years, and the fact that lots of celebs are among its fans surely contributes to it becoming more popular. However, replacing regular water with high-pH water can be expensive, so there’s nothing wrong with trying to decide if it is truly worth the money. Find all the info you need in our article.

Facts about Plastic

Plastic seems to be used in everything these days. Packaging, toys, car parts and tons of other products use it. But here are some facts you may not know about this common material. 1. Ethical Plastic Plastics are so ubiquitous in the modern world it would be tough to make do without them. However, there […]

Risks of Asbestos Exposure

Asbestos is a scary substance that, when breathed in, can result in serious health problems. Not everyone who is exposed to asbestos will have issues. A few factors affect the risk level, such as how much asbestos is in the air, and the exposure time. Still, exposure should always be taken seriously. Knowing the risks […]

3 Things To Do Before You Move

There are a lot of moving parts involved in organizing a move from one home to another. The process can easily become overwhelming without a plan. Make sure you check these three items off your list before moving day arrives. 1. Figure Out How To Move Your Stuff One of the major components of any […]

Have a Fire Safety Plan for Your Business

Fire has the power to destroy your place of business and may even result in the tragic loss of life. Be prepared by following safety guidelines and educating your employees. Sprinkler and Suppression Systems Depending on the size of your business and local laws and codes, the building your company occupies will likely have some […]

Effects of Indoor Air Pollution on Human Health?

There’s no hiding the fact that the air we breathe is polluted and slowly killing us. There are a lot of chemicals that contribute negatively to our overall health and if you don’t take action right now, your health and of those you love is in serious danger. Don’t be trapped into thinking that America is safe. Thousands of people die yearly due to the fact that they have breathed polluted air.

Building Marketing For Your Company

Reaching your customers is the primary purpose of your business. The more people you reach, the more sales you make. Developing a reliable marketing plan like those designed by Eyal Gutentag can do this for you. Here are a few tips to do that. Study Your Market Knowing your clientele will define what type of […]

3 Smart Personal Finance Moves

Making smart financial moves is the dream of most people. Sometimes the way to increase your financial stability is not to work more but to make unique strategic decisions. Here are three of those smart financial tips. Emergency Fund This especially applies to people who are on a lower income, especially if you are living […]

Love Your Work, Love Your Workspace

Everyone wants to love their job, to love the work that they do, but sometimes we forget to think about the place where we do that work. Whether you are designing an office for your business, or putting together your personal workspace, or building your own workshop or maker space, if you love where you […]

How to Know if Genetic Testing is Right For You

Genetic testing analyzes cells for changes in the genes, chromosomes, or proteins of individuals and can be used for a number of purposes: to determine the genetic parents of a child; to determine a person’s ancestry or biological relationship; and to discover the possible presence of genetic diseases or mutant forms of genes that can […]

Garage Renovation

These days garages are used for so much more than just parking cars. Most people use them as storage rooms, a place to work on home projects, and even workout rooms. You may find as time goes on that your garage has bene taken over, and there is simply no more space left to park […]

Tips for setting up a room addition

  So, your family needs more space. What do you do? Moving is an option. Yes, but the experience is stressful and costly. You’re better off building a home addition – in other words, a new room. A room addition solves the lack of space problem, creating more square footage, and provides value for less […]