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10 Gadgets for Men

10 Gadgets for Men

We already know that men are crazy about gadgets. These are 10 gadgets for men that would surely bring them happiness. Here you can find some inspiration if you are looking for some ideas for fathers day gifts, Valentine’s day or another special occasion.

Philips Norelco Vacuum Stubble Trimmer

The first item of the 10 gadgets for men that we propose to you is a very cool and useful facial trimmer which allows him to trim his facial hair without making a mess. Instead of falling down, the hair is absorbed inside the vacuum trimmer. He doesn’t have to cut his beard over the sink anymore, now he can do it wherever he wants, even in his bed! It costs about $85 and it comes with free shipping included.

Desktop LED Clock Fan –

This gadget is a fan which has a LED clock on it and it only costs $30. If the man who you want to buy this gadget for likes computers, then he will like this item too.

Touchscreen gloves

These gloves are nice for anyone, not only for men! The cheapest ones cost around 10$.

Full HD Action Camera with waterproof housing 100-150$

This is a camera that can be used underwater. It costs at least $100.

iPhone eye scope – 40$

If he has an iPhone and he likes to take pictures, then for around $40 you can buy a phone eye scope for him.


This camera is like a black box recorder for his car. It will record every potential accident and there will be much easier to prove who has to pay for the damages. This is a good gift that he will appreciate if he had some unpleasant experiences in the past. It costs around $60 and it comes with free shipping included.

Pro Stainless-Steel 10-Piece Cocktail Shaker and Bar Tool Set – 30$

If he likes to invest time in preparing the drinks, then he would enjoy having a bartender set. It costs around $30.

A body fat scale

Whether a man is trying to lose weight or gain muscle mass, a body fat scale will prove to be very helpful for him. The most accurate body fat scale can instantly provide measurements regarding a person’s body fat, muscle mass, water percentage and bone mass. There are several types of body fat analyzers on the market, but they are not all equally efficient. You should read some professional reviews in order to see which is the most accurate body fat scale.

Music chair – 50$

A music chair will make him happy. The speakers are incorporated in the chair. The least expensive one costs around $50 and can be ordered on Amazon.com. This kind of gadget is very much appreciated among the gamers. The game experience will be improved if they don’t only hear the sounds in the game but also feel the vibrations of the bass sound.

Smartphone projector

Having a smartphone projector will allow you to project on the wall the display of your smartphone.