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10 Movies for Kids

10 Movies for Kids

Watching movies can offer many benefits to your kids. Movies help kids enhance their learning ability, improve their creativity and language skills. A child’s learning need should not be limited only to what they learn in school. Moreover, movies are quite entertaining. These 10 movies for kids are a great way to gather everyone and have a great time together.

The Lion King

When it comes to children there are many movies you can choose from. The Lion King, is the story of a young lion cub who is cast out of his pride by his treacherous uncle who claims that the lion cub had murdered his father. The young lion manages to win back his right to reign with the help of his friends. This movie shows children that if you believe in yourself and have your friends by your side, nothing is impossible to achieve.

Peter Pan

Children fall in love with how the cartoon character acts or talks. It is like they are in an imaginary world full of magic and fascination. Such as in this movie, no.2 on our 10 movies for kids list : Peter Pan, based on the play Peter Pan, the Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow up by J. M. Barrie. One night, the Darling family receives a visit from Peter Pan and his pixie friend, Tinkerbell, who takes them in the magical world of Neverland where they encounter many adventures.

Spirited Away

Spirited Away is a movie made by film master Hayao Miyazaki. The movie focuses on a little girl, Chihiro, who ends up in a world full of spirits. She then has to wonder in this world, ruled by gods, in order to save her parents. The characters are disconnected with their world, feeling rejected, ignored and misunderstood. However, as the story goes on, they become more powerful as individuals.


Once the kids are old enough to remember and to have a more clear understanding, we recommend a non-animated movie. E.T is a great example. A group of aliens visit Earth and one of them is left behind. The extra-terrestrial soon finds a companion in 10-year-old Elliot, a troubled boy. Knowing that he will lose a friend, the child gathers his courage in order to fulfill E.T’s wish: to go home. This movie teaches a great lesson about the true meaning of friendship.

Toy Story

Now that we’ve reached no.5 on our 10 movies for kids list, we recommend a trilogy. Toy Story features the story of Andy, a little boy who likes to spend time playing with his dolls, especially the cowboy doll, Woody. When Andy is not present, the toys suddenly come to life, Woody even believing that he has life. When Buzz Lightyear becomes Andy’s new favorite toy, Woody gets jealous and turns him into his enemy. The story is not only based on entertainment, but also teaches an important moral lesson regarding friendship.


UP is an animated movie for children which focuses on the story of an elderly man called Carl who tries to fulfill the dream of his deceased wife : to go in south America. He then forms a bond with a boy called Russels and embarks together in a world full of adventure. The movie teaches children the lesson of love, sacrifices and second chances.

Finding Nemo

The next movie also teaches a valuable lesson about courage, determination and love: Finding Nemo. This animated movie is not only entertaining but also very sentimental. A fish is taken from his home and brought into a fish tank. His shy father and a blue tang fish named Dorothy with short-term memory loss go on a journey to bring Nemo home.


Brave features a female protagonist named Merida. Set in mythical Scotland, the story is about a princess who is told by her mother that she has to marry and let go of her boyish interests: archery and horse riding. After an argument with her mother, Merida asks a witch to catch a spell on her mother in order to change her. But the end result is not what she wished for so the princess tries to undo the beastly curse.


The first ever to win the Academy Award for Best animated Feature is Shrek. It is a movie both adults and children will enjoy. A green ogre named Shrek is sent by Farquaad, who wants to rule the kingdom, to rescue his daughter, trapped in a tower. Shrek and his friend, Donkey manage to rescue the princess Fiona, but Shrek falls in love with her, without knowing the secret she keeps.

Beauty and the Beast

The number one on most Disney movies is Beauty and the Beast, a story about true love, bravery and independence. Belle, a beautiful open-minded girl, lives in a small provincial town in France. Despite being confident and highly intelligent, due to her love for books, she doesn’t have many friends. The Beast, on the other hand, is a troubled and lonely young prince, who is under a curse because he didn’t know the true meaning of love. Belle, being able to look past people’s appearances, breaks the curse and restores peace and love to the castle.