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2014’s Winners of the Most Beautiful Residential Landscape Design Awards

2014’s Winners of the Most Beautiful Residential Landscape Design Awards

Every year, the American Society of Landscape Architects awards the most talented and inspired architects that develop worldwide stunning projects and manage to incorporate perfect space stewardship and breathtaking decorations. Here is a short review of the most talented residential landscape design architects who created some of the most beautiful homes and gardens.

Jeffrey Carbo

Jeffrey Carbo Landscape Architects won the 2014 ASLA Award of Excellence with a gorgeous northwest Louisiana residence. Carbo managed to offer the owners a series of play lawns for their grandchildren, water collection systems that diminish rainfalls while acting as garden features and a parking lot covered in pervious limestone. He also incorporated the five-acre hardwood and pines forest into the walking paths and driveways, making it look like a part of the house. A lush plantation of ferns and other local plants surrounds two of the lawn terraces that serve as play areas for the owner’s grandchildren.

Alex Hanazaki

Landscape architect Alex Hanazaki managed to achieve an eye-catching residential landscape design on a retreated property outside Sao Paolo. The architect sculpted the sloped terrain into multiple terraces, using fruit trees, Brazilian ironwood trees and other plants to highlight the levels and to soften the edgy terrain. Cor-Ten steel walls and incorporated LED lighting intensify the landscape’s sculptural components. The design included a soccer field, terraces, and a sunken platform crossed by a bridge covered in grass.

Matthew Cunningham

Matthew Cunningham Landscape Design had to deal with a property inside Maine’s Acadia National Park, that was destroyed by the Hanna Hurricane in 2008. The architect had the difficult chore to incorporate in this residential landscape design a stormwater management system that would provide safety and aesthetic, conforming to the legal guidelines. A smart way to stop erosion and water runoff was using local granite to create a masonry wall that also gave definition to the sloped terrain that houses this 20th-century chalet. Intensive planting helped cover more than half of the land in permeable surfaces, which reduced the water runoff.

Raymond Jungles

Architect Raymond Jungles had the opportunity to create a luxurious garden on top of a poorly used roof space of a penthouse in South Beach. The garden’s high point offers a breathtaking view across Biscayne Bay and Miami’s skyline. The penthouse’s architect placed the penthouse under the garage, which allowed Raymond Jungles to extend the garden over two levels and the small planting depth forced him to go with noninvasive plants such as vines, agave, bromeliad, Mexican breadfruit and gulf cordgrass.

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