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5 Books You Must Read Before You Die

5 Books You Must Read Before You Die

The greatest minds of all times were all firm believers that knowledge needs to be shared and spread as much as possible. The simplest, and by far the best, way of spreading wisdom is through books. Even fiction books reveal countless truths. In what follows, we will present you with 5 of the most important books of all times. If you consider yourself an intelligent person, these are the books you must read before you die.

The Bible

You don’t need to be a religious person in order to read the Bible. Keep in mind that this is by far the most important book in the world. This book has practically shaped the human history, part of it at least. If you are not a religious person, reading this book will at least give you an advantage in your next religious argument. After all, you cannot be against something, if you don’t understand the thing in question. The bible is without a doubt one of the most important books you must read before you die.

Animal Farm

The most superb political satire of all times, Animal Farm should be on anyone’s reading list. The book captures the human nature in the most creative way possible, highlighting how vulnerable we are when power is the only thing which we desire. If you enjoy Animal Farm, you should also read 1984. These two books are the types of books that you can read over and over again.

Les Misérables

Although it was published in 1862 and it relates to society’s problems of that time, the book can also apply to our own times. Just as the author itself states at the beginning of the book, as long as there will be poverty and misfortune in the world, a book like this will always be needed in order to detail the horrors of perverted societies, horrors which so often we choose to ignore so that we can sleep well at night.

The Art of War

While killing can never be justified, nor can it be raised to an art, it is important to understand what drives it, how its pettiness infiltrates people’s souls and how different types of people see this sin.

In Search of Lost Time

Considered the most comprehensive works of literature of all times, In Search of Lost Time by Marcel Proust, should definitely be on your list of books you must read before you die. The book is not easy to read, especially if you lack patience. However, do not rush this lecture. The point of it is to let it overwhelm you in order to understand the author’s message.