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Abroad Scholarship for Higher Education

Abroad Scholarship for Higher Education

Getting a higher education is essential for becoming a successful person and for increasing your chances to get the job of your dreams. Nevertheless success can not be achieved with only a few study tips for college. Financial stability is very important when planning to build a family and trying to ensure a great life for those who are important to you. Therefore, obtaining an abroad scholarship for higher education can help you gain new experiences from which you can learn new things and improve your skills. Usually, studying abroad is not considered an option for those who can’t afford to travel the world, but what most people don’t know is that studying abroad is not as expensive as they think, especially if you are a student.

The advantages of studying abroad

The most important thing that anyone should know is that students can apply their on-campus financial aid to their abroad trip in addition to scholarships. Moreover, students who pay out-of-state-tuition can discover that studying abroad can be more affordable than a regular on-campus semester. Furthermore, by applying for an abroad scholarship for higher education, they can use the monetary aid for all the expenses of the program, including books, course credits, travel and lodging. Giving that a study abroad scholarship can be seen as a financial award for students with great accomplishments, the competition can be fierce, as every student has to prove that he deserves such an award. Therefore, be sure to look for some useful study tips for college if you plan on obtaining one of the scholarships listed below:

Types of study abroad scholarships:

  1. The merit-based scholarship – is a financial aid that takes in consideration a student’s artistic, academic, or athletic abilities. Extracurricular activities are also very important when it comes to obtaining such an award, as well as the student’s community service record.
  2. The student-specific scholarship – can be seen as a minority scholarship, because it can be offered to applicants who qualify due to factors like: race, gender, religion, and family history. Minority scholarships are the most prominent awards in this class.
  3. The destination-specific scholarship is offered by a country to students who want to follow a study abroad program in that specific country. These awards are given as an inducement to study in that particular country instead of any other destination.
  4. The program-specific scholarship – is awarded based on the applicant’s academic performances, and it is offered by individual study programs, or colleges and universities.
  5. The subject-specific scholarship is given by institutions on the basis of a student’s field of study or particular major. Furthermore, it implies enrolling in subject-specific programs and courses. So, it represents a great scholarship for higher education and individual development.