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Amazing Modern Day Artists

Amazing Modern Day Artists

When you think about amazing, modern day artists, the word cutting-edge is the first thing that comes in mind. Their incredible works reflect so many emotions and feelings, that you can’t stop from wondering where do artists get their inspiration from. These inspiring individuals can make the most from any regular object or place, so prepare yourself to be amazed by their accomplishments.

Felice Varini

Swiss artist Felice Varini creates special visual effects with his anamorphic illusions. He is famous for his geometric perspective paintings, which take up enormous spaces like sides of walls, buildings and streets, inviting the viewer to find the right place to stand in order to discover his works of art. The artist took over Gran Palais in Paris, where he used a polka dot pattern to change the classical facade of the historical place. Using a combination of projectors and stencils, Varini has the skills that he needs to be named one of the greatest modern day artists. Due to his impressing talent and enlarged vision, he was nominated for the 2000/2001 “Marcel Duchamp Prize”. Furthermore, according to art critic Joël Koskas, the artist’s works feature elements that turn them into anti-Mona Lisa pieces of art.

Paige Bradley

Paige Bradley is the creator of a sculpture so expressive and striking, it will definitely take you a few minutes to analyze it. His piece of art is titled “Expansion”, and it presents a beautiful young woman searching inner peace and bleeding with light. The most impressing thing about this work of art is that it was made by purposely dropping a perfectly shaped sculpture to the floor. Before all the pieces were reassembled, a lighting specialist implemented a system that was built to make the sculpture glow from within.

Kumi Yamashita

Kumi Yamashita is an outstanding Japanese artist who manages to create artwork that combines the material that she uses with the immaterial that she creates, to reflect a certain shape or form. Shadow art involves hitting objects like aluminum numbers and pieces of wood by a single source of light to reveal a person waiting patiently on the other side. Besides being known for creating outstanding shadow art, Yamashita is one of the modern day artists who is famous for creating portraits using a single piece of string, or unusual items like a show or a credit card. So, we can only imagine how creative she can be, and how many innovative works she will continue to make.