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Appliances for a Small Kitchen Interior Design

Appliances for a Small Kitchen Interior Design

Having a small kitchen can be annoying, because you don’t know where to fit all the things you have and you don’t want to give up on any of the appliances you might need in your kitchen. With a little effort and imagination, you can come up with a small kitchen interior design that will be practical and uncluttered.

Choose the right colors

An important detail in designing a small kitchen is choosing the right shades and furniture finishing. As you already know, light shades help you to increase visual space, therefore, do not hesitate to use more white, beige, cream, yellow or gray. If you’re a more energetic and do not identify yourself with a white kitchen, try a dynamic contrast: red walls and beige furniture. The red walls will add depth while the beige furniture will create a clean feeling, brightening the room.

Mount practical furniture

The best furniture for a small kitchen interior design is the corner or L shaped ones, for being ergonomic and compact, giving you sufficient storage space and also occupying very few square meters. And for long and narrow kitchens, this model gives visual balance on furniture, shortening the long side of the room. Try to sort all the things you want to store in the furniture, in order to avoid cluttering it with items you only use once a year. Also make sure you use all the space you have, for example you can use the area under the sink to store your cleaning products, or you can install wall shelves in order to explore all the space you have available.

The perfect appliances for small kitchens

The best idea for a small kitchen interior design is to incorporate all the appliances in the furniture. Insert the stove and the sink in the countertop, create special shelves to store the coffee maker and the microwave oven, so that you don’t have the feeling the appliances are spread all over the room.As far as microwaves are concerned, we advice you to read some microwave reviews since there are a lot of space saving solutions to choose from. You can choose drawer microwaves, built in microwaves or over the range microwaves. When reading over the range microwave reviews, focus not only on the microwaving features, but also on the ventilating features, since this oven will replace the cooker hood.

Try to stick to the appliances you really need and those you use frequently in order to avoid cluttering the small space you have. In a small kitchen, big appliances can disturb you, therefore, you can opt for smaller versions, for example, a compact dishwasher you can fit on your countertop. If you visit a dishwasher reviews website, you will see that these dishwashers are perfect for situations where you need a dishwasher but you don’t have enough room for a built-in dishwasher or you have little counter space to spare. According to the best dishwasher reviews website, compact dishwashers have as much cleaning power as the built-in models and have the advantage of using less water and detergent.