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Bathroom renovation cost – budget, mid-range or luxury

Bathroom renovation cost – budget, mid-range or luxury

Are you tired of the way your bathroom looks? Do you have difficulties when you try to clean the grouting? Renovating a bathroom is one of the most expensive projects, so it is understandable that you have second thoughts, if you should revamp the space or not. Also, it is difficult to decide if you have the needed sum to renovate the room, because the price varies according to the tradespeople you hire and on the appliances you decide to install. Some surveys state that the average cost of a bathroom renovation is around £12 500. But this sum might be deceiving, because there are many variables and factors implied in the process. Depending on your particular circumstances and needs, the cost of the bathroom renovation might differ. Here are detailed three types of bathroom revamping, a budget one, a mid-range one and a luxury one.

What costs are implied by a budget bathroom?

If you do not want to spend too much when renovating the bathroom, then you should go for a budget bathroom, this should not cost you more than £3500 if you opt for a partial renovation. If you want to fully revamp the space, then you might have to spend around £19000. This means that you will be able to resurface the tiles or to paint the walls in case they are scratched. You can give the room a total makeover if you change the shower curtain, because even the smallest change has the power to make a big impression. If you ask yourself how much for a new bathroom then you are the only one who can answer this question because you decide what fixings you buy. If you want to stay on a budget, then you should hunt for bargains, because many stores offer discounts.

How much do you pay for a mid-range bathroom?

If you want to change the bathroom fixtures and make the space look more stylish then you might pay around £21000. If you live together with your partner, then you can invest in a double shower and in a double vanity. Keep in mind that the walk-in-showers are cheaper. Depending on the cost of the above additions you might even have enough money to install under-tile heating. In case you want to move the plumbing, then you should check the costs of the operation from the beginning, to make sure that you can afford it.

What is the cost for a luxury bathroom?

If you want to create a relaxation oasis then you have to be willing to spend around £30000 or more. It would be excessive to invest in the bathroom more than £60000, but you are the one who decides your budget.  Here we are talking about premium bathrooms, you can find in design magazines. You can custom make your cabinetry and you can order natural stone tops. If you want something special for your bathroom then you should opt for handmade tops and cabinetry. When it comes to a luxury bathroom, the choices are numerous.