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Best Apps to Download On Your Child’s Notepad

Best Apps to Download On Your Child’s Notepad

As much as we would want for our children to enjoy the classic toys as much as we did, that is no longer possible since technology is so much more appealing. However, instead of trying to fight technology, we can use it to our advantage. If your kid has a notepad, like most kids nowadays do, you might want to teach them to use it in a responsible way from the start. It is best if you restrict the internet access when your child is very little, so that you can have complete control over how your child uses the notepad. In what follows, we will present you the best apps to download so that your child can play in an educational manner.

Ladybird: I’m Ready for Phonics

This app costs $8 and it is great for children who are just starting to learn how to read. It is a fun way in which children can learn the letters of the alphabet and establish the foundation of their reading skills. The app also includes some interesting facts for parents.

StoryBots Tap & Sing

All kids like stories and if you thought that the classic stories couldn’t get any better, think again. StoryBots Tap & Sing is a great app for preschoolers as it allows them to play along the musical stories and even make their own music.

Bill Nye the Science Guy

Nowadays, science is approached in a more interactive way than it used to. It is no longer just facts and numbers, and whether or not your child is passionate about science, they are sure to enjoy Bill Nye the Science Guy. Known for his enthusiastic approach to science, in this app, Bill Nye allows children to explore planets, dig to the center or the earth and much more. Best suited for children over the age of 4, this is one of the best apps to download for children.

The Electric Company Party Game: Lost on Prankster Planet

Thought it is a game, this isn’t actually a video game but rather a set of instructions which encourages parties of children to engage in physical activities while also brushing up their math and literacy skills. This app is best suited for children older than 6 years.


At first, this can sound as a very boring app, and to a certain degree it is. However, it is a great way of teaching children the importance of time management. With the HomeWork app, children can schedule their homework, set exam reminders and much more.

Famigo Sandbox

This app is not as useful for your child as it is for you as a parent. While it does include a playing app for kids, the Famigo app also includes a list of certified apps for kids from where parents can choose what are the best apps to download.

iStory Books

iStory is the ultimate storybook, featuring amazing stories with pictures and voice-overs. Since it has several language options, this app can be a great way of introducing your child to a new language. The app comes with 11 free books and countless other affordable books.