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Best Dogs for Seniors

Best Dogs for Seniors

No matter your age it would be the best if you chose your dog from the local dog shelter. Such dog may be more grateful to you for taking it from that environment and act nicely with you. If you don’t have a local dog shelter then you could always buy a dog for you to keep you company. Dogs are lovely pets – they are loyal, trustworthy and obedient. They are a nice walk companion, can be easily trained and some of them can even protect you making you feel safe wherever you go with them. Some dogs are easier to groom than others. The best dogs for seniors are quiet tiny dogs, easy to train, don’t have too much energy and cause as little as possible allergies.


Quiet and low energy dogs

Quiet dogs are often more preferred than the noisy dogs. Seniors usually don’t have so much patience like the young adults have. They are not so energetic anymore, and a dog which is compatible with their energy level fits them better.


Small dogs don’t need to be taken to long walks, they are easy to hold and are pretty light. A senior with a big energetic dog in his lap wouldn’t look too good, is that so?

Easy to train

Even the small dogs can be trained. Teaching your dog to bring your newspaper is a very useful thing.



A pekingese is a beautiful small dog that gets very attached to its master. This dog is very caring, silent but also very stubborn.


Bolognese is a very cute type of Bichon that will make its master look younger and cuter.


This is a little dog that is so easy to hold in your arms. It may be the best lap dog for seniors since it’s so small it could fit in your big pocket! You can take it with you wherever you go, it’s like a keychain dog.


A pug is a cute little dog that can make anyone laugh. It is one of the best dogs for seniors. If you want to have sunnier days have this kind of dog with you and make it your best friend.


This is a funny little dog that will cuddle with you any day any time. It is a smart a vivacious dog and it’s the best dog for the seniors who still have a young soul and a big appetite for life.