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Best Movies to Watch on Halloween

Best Movies to Watch on Halloween

On October we have only one thing on our mind: Halloween. Of course, Halloween is not just about trick or treat-ing, but also cuddling up with a blanket at night getting scared watching all those terrifying movies, some of which will eventually give you nightmares. Here are the best movies to watch on Halloween that are guaranteed to put you in that holiday mood.


The number one on the list is the movie named Halloween. Fifteen years ago, 6 year old Michael Myers ends up in the Smith’s Grove Sanitarium, after killing his older sister, on a cold Halloween night. He is placed under the care of Sam Loomis, a psychiatrist. Right before Halloween night Michael Myers escapes the sanitarium and Loomis, knowing the dangers that could occur, returns to the town to warn the people of Myers escape. Loomis seeks the help of the town sheriff hoping to put an end to the murders.

Rosemary’s Baby

The next movie is a classic, probably one of the best movies to watch on Halloween. Rosemary’s Baby, a ’60’s classic, portraits a housewife which is sold by her husband to their neighbors who are satanic. Rosemary gets pregnant and unknowingly gives birth to Satan’s child. Rosemary’s baby is definitely horrifying but in a very subtle way. At all times, the subtlety is key in how the story develops. This movie is considered to be the best big-budget horror movie of all time.

Paranormal Activity

Paranormal Activity is not a typical Halloween movie. This film is very much like the last movie on our list; the editing and the “story” are somewhat similar but the characters in Paranormal Activity are more realistic. The characters are basically like normal people and the story doesn’t seem at all fictional. A young couple moves into a haunted house and install a home camera to record all supernatural activity. The end result is guaranteed to make you feel terrified and even unsafe in your own house.


This list of 5 best movies to watch on Halloween is composed of many classics and contemporary movies and it’s the best way to get into the seasonal mood. Another great movie to watch on Halloween is Craft. Craft is about a sixteen year old girl named Sarah Bailey who moves to a new city with her family. At the new school she starts a friendship with three girls. All four of them have similar personalities and the same interests. They are all interested in the occult, and together they begin to cast spells to change their troubled lives. They can do anything they want, but with a price.

The Blair Witch Project

The last one is the well renowned movie, The Blair Witch Project. The movie starts out slow, it doesn’t have special effects, exotic locations or many props. Instead, it shares with the audiences the stories of the characters and nothing more. The Blair Witch Project is a place created by a few people where they share their experiences. The acting is natural as the actors play themselves. One of the great assets and weaknesses this movie has is the editing style.