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Binaural Beats Music

Binaural Beats Music

Binaural beats are often associated with alternative medicine and even parapsychology. Some people believe that they can induce a nirvana feeling, others believe that these beats can cure diseases. The binaural beats are also believed to induce creativity, relaxation and even arousal. The thing is that with our current understanding of the human brain, we cannot yet dismiss any of these theories. However, let’s leave the theories aside from a second, and see what we really know about binaural beats music.


These beats were first studied by physicist Heinrich Wilhelm Dove, the one who discovered them in 1839. His initial discoveries still stand today. He found that when each ear is presented a different frequency, the brain discovers this unbalance and tries to even it out by fooling itself into hearing a third frequency which is in fact the difference between the first two frequencies.

How does it work?

The way that binaural beats work is reasonably simple. If one ear is presented a 100 Hz. frequency and the second year is presented a 110 Hz. frequency, the binaural beat created by the brain will have a 10 Hz. frequency. By crating this third, ghost frequency, the brain is actually responding to an external stimulus. In its attempt to reconcile the two frequencies, the brain starts resonating with the external stimulus, in a way similar to singing along a tune. Depending on the type of binaural beats music, different areas of the brain can be stimulated through this game of frequencies.

Where is it used?

Binaural beats music is very accessible and it is currently being used by a large number of people across the globe. Its effects, thought not completely understood, have been accepted by numerous doctors and scientists. There are even educators who play binaural beats on the background of their classes in order to make their students more responsive to new information. Perhaps the widest use of binaural beats is in the relaxation field, since this beats have proved to be effective in curing insomnia. For example, if you check out some alteril reviews, you will see that the Alteril sleep aid tablets are the best natural remedies for insomnia. Yet, even the manufacturers of these pills have acknowledged the efficiency of binaural beats, since they chose to include a binaural beat CD in their Alteril Sleep Aid pack. The results seem to have been very conclusive, given the numerous positive alteril reviews. Nevertheless, binaural beats can be used by anyone who wishes to make their brain more cooperative during different activities.

The right way of listening to binaural music

Over the internet, you will find a wide range of binaural beats music. You will even find binaural beats generators which allow you to make your won binaural beat music. However, it is best if you choose already made tracks whose efficiency has already been proved. We already stated that different types of beats induce different moods, therefore without a thorough understanding of these beats, you may be unsuccessful in your attempt to make your own binaural music. As far as listening goes, it is always best to listen to binaural beats on the headphones. If you listen to this music through a stereo, the two frequencies will reach both ears, which will make it more difficult to trick your brain into hearing a third frequency.