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Careers in Football You can Develop if You Are a Passionate

Careers in Football You can Develop if You Are a Passionate

Every little girl wishes to become a ballerina, as well as every little boy dreams to become a successful football player. Taking a look at all the footballers who wrote football history and developed impressive careers in football, you can agree that with a lot of work and a touch of luck, any hardworking boy can become a football star.

Professional football player

The road to fame of a footballer begins at the age of 6. This is the minimum age at which parents who want to see their child become a famous footballer register them in a football school. Any child can join and start training, if they don’t have health problems and their parents are willing to pay a monthly amount of money, but from there it is the children’s job to work hard if they want to achieve impressive careers in football. Famous players such as British David Beckham, Argentinian Lionel Messi or Romanian Gheorghe Hagi have done wonders on the football course and have won millions out of their favorite sport.

Football team coach

Many former players have decided to become coaches after ending their careers in football, in order to remain in the same area and to pass on their experience and knowledge to young aspirants to the “goalkeeper” title. Either because of age or because of some medical problems, many football players ended up on the bench coaching football teams. Names like Sir Alex Ferguson or Jose Mourinho have become resounding in the football world. Josep Guardiola is a former player for FC Barcelona which currently trains the junior FC Barcelona team, after he gave up playing professional football.

Football manager

Careers in football involve more than being a footballer or a coach. The idea of MBA careers within the football industry isn’t as displaced as it may seem, even for those in search of management positions without a history in the sport. Sports management can become a growing field of study at MBA-level given the fact that football is worldwide popular.

Qualified referees

Many people decide to become a football referee in order to understand why certain refereeing decisions are made during a football match. If you like football, but you can’t play it as much as you would want and you want to become a qualified ref, you need to take a Basic Referee Course. Many famous referees such as Pierluigi Collina have built a reputation in this area.