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Learn to Draw Anime

Here we present you some tips for how to learn to draw anime. They aren’t so difficult to draw and they are very fun. Choose your favorite character, try to draw it with no inspiration and then copy it as many times as you can from an anime comics.

Amazing Modern Day Artists

We present you some of the greatest modern day artists who have impressed with their unique style and innovative techniques. Read more to find out interesting details about Paige Bradley, Kumi Yamashita and Felice Varini. We guarantee you that you will be impressed with their incredible skills and enormous talent.

Learn How to Draw Different Flowers

If you want to learn how to draw different flowers you should try drawing a sunflower, a tulip, a daisy. There are endless possibilities to combine the size of the inner part of a flower with the number and the size of its petals. Play with their shape and create unique flower designs.

The Difference Between an Aspiring Artist and a Professional

Art is a state of mind, a way of life that boosts people to create amazing pieces and express their feelings and emotions in beautiful ways. The path from an aspiring artist to a professional is sprinkled with obstacles, but the trick is to overcome them all and achieve perfection and fulfillment through creations.

Tips from Famous Graffiti Artists

We present to you some tips from famous graffiti artists. It’s very important to manage your resources in the beginning, to learn how to work in a clean manner and to find the drawing style that you like the most. Write on the can the color that’s in the can. Invest your money in a good respirator and wear latex gloves every time you work.

Two Amazing Craft Ideas for Home Decor

We present you 2 great craft ideas for home decor that will help you embellish your place and create a nice ambiance. Having a house with a cheerful interior design can help you enter a great mood every time you get home from your job, which is essential when you want to relax and eliminate stress. Read more to learn how to enhance your house.

Easy but Practical DIY Canvas Art Ideas

We present you the best DIY canvas art ideas that will help you add a positive energy and a natural touch to your home. Read more to learn how to use your creativity in order to make beautiful pieces of art, and how to embellish your walls with affordable decorations. Here are the best tricks that will help you achieve a nice interior design.