Beginners guide to hydroponics  

Using hydroponics systems to grow food is a growing trend among homeowners, as it provides significant benefits compared to traditional farming. The term was formed from two ancient Greek words hydros and ponos meaning water work. In other words, unlike traditional farming that relies on dirt, hydroponics is used to grow plants without using soil…

How to Choose Your Organic Gardening Supplies

These tips for how to choose your organic gardening supplies will make some order in your head and they will show you exactly what you need in order to start your organic garden. Besides the seeds and the plants that you will grow, the soil, the tools and the containers play a very important part in your success.

Tips for Creating Beautiful Flower Garden Designs

The most outstanding flower garden designs require following certain steps in order to create a nice, relaxing view. Since a garden design can be seen as the foundation of a great landscape, we advise you to turn your front yard into a charming space. Here are some great tips that will help you create a beautiful garden easily.

How to Make Raised Garden Boxes

Creating a nice flower garden design will help you turn your front yard into a wonderful place where you can spend your afternoons and relax after coming home from work. Still, there are cases when the soil is not good enough for planting flowers. In that case, learning how to make raised garden boxes is necessary.

DIY Garden Pots and Planters Ideas

We present to you some DIY beautifying ideas for your pots and planters. Decorate them in different styles: using paint and leaf patterns or flat stones, wrapping yarn around them or just placing them in your vertical garden. If you want to save some space in your garden, using some wood or iron stands would be an inspiring solution.