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Choose a Delicious Non Alcoholic Cocktail Recipe This Summer

Choose a Delicious Non Alcoholic Cocktail Recipe This Summer

Summer is the season of holidays, of celebrations with friends, of the seaside and fresh and chill drinks. If you are a fan of cocktails, but at the same time you care for your health, you will probably choose a non-alcoholic when you are with friends in a club or a bar. If you want to enjoy a fruity flavor but you don’t want to leave your house, simply prepare a non alcoholic cocktail recipe at home.
Out of the natural desire to experience new tastes, people have been mixing drinks for centuries, making more and more combinations of different potions, juices or syrups. Depending on what the ingredients used inspire,cocktails received the most uncommon, exciting and funny names, such as “Bloody Mary”, “Virgin Mary”, “Pina Colada”, “Marguerita”, “Cosmopolitan” or “Sex on the beach”.

Delicious alternatives without alcohol

The majority of the cocktails contain alcohol, but there are also people who prefer beverages without alcohol, therefore you can nowadays create a delicious non alcoholic cocktail recipe with fresh and delicious ingredients, with the difference that you can enjoy them even if you are driving or you have medical restrictions.
During summer, preferences regarding the content of a cocktail differ from the rest of the year and the excessive heat makes you want to avoid alcohol given that it can cause dehydration. Of course, this does not mean that you can not enjoy delicious drinks in interesting combination. The main ingredients in non-alcoholic cocktail recipes are the fruits, which makes these beverages a tasty and healthy alternative to alcoholic cocktails.

A fruit flavored drink

A non alcoholic cocktail recipe prepared with exotic fruits can be a perfect source of energy and vitamins and you can easily make it for yourself and your guests. You will need some sliced pineapple, bananas, coconut milk, some orange juice and a few ice cubes. Mix all the ingredients in a blender for 2 minutes then add the ice cubes and serve the cocktail.

Honey and green apple combination

For this recipe, you need to mix apple juice and lime juice, then you add honey and brown sugar, you pour into a glass with 2 ice cubes and immediately serve it. For an effective look, decorate the top of the glass with slices of lime and green apple.

Spice your cocktails with mint

Mint is a great fresh ingredient that improves any fruit cocktail recipe. Combine mint with melon, milk, lime and honey in order to create a delicious smoothie. You can replace the melon with pineapple or mango for the same incredible taste.