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Contemporary Bathroom Design Ideas

Contemporary Bathroom Design Ideas

In general, the bathroom design is simple, therefore, contemporary style would be appropriate and easy to execute. In a contemporary bathroom design organic curves and geometric lines merge in order to create a dramatic space, which brings urban influences indoors. Materials such as wood, metal or plastic are joined, the bath tub and sink have organic shapes and the closet can be incorporated. Go through the next few steps and see if this is the right style for your bathroom.

Well defined shapes and straight lines

Contemporary style requires rather squarish shapes and straight and simple contours. Curved lines have no place in the overall look of a bathroom decorated in contemporary style. Keep it as simple in appearance as possible: without too complicated finishing, without shrill patterns and without dressed up looks of the needful items in your bathroom. Think of everything as simple and in straight lines as possible.

Airy spaces

Usually, it is well to keep the spaces uncluttered, but for the contemporary bathroom design, it is imperious to have free and clean surfaces. Consider placing two cabinets, one near the mirror to keep your toothbrushes and cosmetics, and one near the tub to store shower gels, towels, and cleaning products. Make sure you blend all the items to create a neat and organized aspect. Suspended toilet bowl and bidet are ideal for an airy bathroom sensation.

Generous color pallet

The contemporary style color pallet promotes strong and bold colors such as intense red, electric blue, purple, green, but you can also choose light colors for the background and add color touches through the decorations. Although the general recommendation is to use cold colors for bathroom fittings, who says you can not use warm colors? Knock yourself out!

Authentic look materials

Contemporary bathroom design requires you to keep each material with its natural look. If the material used is wood, it must look like wood, if it is metal, it must look like metal. Enjoy the shades of each material as itself and fit them together without altering them and without trying to cover them.

Choose simple lighting

In a contemporary bathroom you do not need multicolored lights, it is better to keep the lights as simple as possible. Opt for a simple lamp above the mirror so that light emanated would be perfect for shaving or applying makeup. Optionally, you can also install some bright spots, not too many and only where necessary, or some candles, possibly the same shades, sizes, and fragrances.