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Delight Yourself with a Tasty Bacardi Cocktail Recipe

Delight Yourself with a Tasty Bacardi Cocktail Recipe

When Don Facundo Bacardi emigrated to Cuba, the first thing he fell in love with was the local rum. However, the taste was too rough and the liquor was filled with impurities due to the primitive distillation, therefore, he decided to solve the problem by filtering the beverage using colt. The result was such a success, that Facundo bought a distillery where he started to make Bacardi rum. Nowadays, everyone has prepared at least one delicious Bacardi cocktail recipe using this exquisite white rum.

Prepare a special Mojito cocktail

You can create a delicious Bacardi cocktail that requires a special preparation of the ingredients and craftsmanship using Bacardi Mojito Classic, an already prepared cocktail with an alcohol content of 14.9%, offering a perfect blend of Bacardi Superior rum and natural flavors of mint and lime. The only thing you need to do is to add ice and you can consider you prepared an original Mojito. For a maximum effect, slice a lime in four pieces, chop some mint leaves, put them in a glass, add some lime juice and then pour the delicious Bacardi Mojito classic.

Fruity Mojito cocktail

A great way of reinventing a classic Bacardi cocktail recipe is to add mango, pineapple or melon to the mixture of Bacardi along with lime and mint and prepare your taste senses for an unforgettable combination.

Viva Cuba Libre

One of the easiest to prepare Bacardi cocktail recipes, but that must be done correctly, is called Cuba Libre. Today, many throw in a glass some rum and Coke and they think they made a Cuba Libre, when in fact they made rum-and-coke. Cuba Libre cocktail is made with Bacardi Rum and Coca Cola, ice and slices of fresh lime because the original Cuba Libre has always been done so,at least in 1900 it has, when some American soldiers on the streets of Havana, convinced a bartender to combine precious new Bacardi Rum with a tasty American drink called Coca-Cola. While drinking the beverage, they shouted “Viva Cuba Libre”, referring to the island’s independence, before the Spanish domination and this remained the cocktail’s name until today.

Grenadine and Bacardi cocktail

Another delicious Bacardi cocktail recipe example contains grenadine syrup, which is a pomegranate syrup. For this cocktail you need Bacardi, limes, sugar syrup and grenadine syrup that you mix in a shaker, then pour in a glass filled with crushed ice and there you have an excellent fresh drink.