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Designing Your Typeface Using Any Graphic Designing Software

Designing Your Typeface Using Any Graphic Designing Software

If you plan to use a graphic designing software in order to make your own typeface then pull yourself together! It will be a long journey with many modifications but at the end of it you will have the pleasure of having created something truly unique.

Typeface Study!

In order to be able to create your own typeface you must have some “experience” in criticizing the typeface, seeing the meaning behind it and recognizing what impact the small differences have over the human perception. This way you will prepare your mind to think and choose the best typeface for a certain task.

What is the brief

In order to stay focused you must start with a brief. If you plan to design a typeface the best starting point for you would be to know what you need it for. You cannot create something that would universally fit like a glove for anything.

Serif or sans serif typeface

To be or not to be, this is the question. No matter what graphic designing software you may use, choosing to design a sans serif typeface can be more challenging for beginners. You could start with your own handwriting and take it to the highest visual appeal level.


No matter how well you may master the curves, the best way to feel the typeface is to draw it with your bare hands. It may be a good exercise for your imagination since not having a screen right before your eyes will make your brain think differently.

Start with symmetric letters

In order to figure it out what is the feeling and philosophy of the typeface that you’re about to design, it’s better for you to start with the symmetric letters. For the uppercase you should start with H and O, and for the lowercase you should start with n and o. In any graphic designing software the word “adhesion” is the word that tests the best the typefaces. It has many tricky letters such as a, h and s, so be careful.

Put it on your computer

When you move to your computer you must choose the best graphic design software for this task. The best one is the one which makes you the most comfortable to work with. Glyphs, Robofont, FrontLab Studio may be some good choices for you.

It must look good

The most important thing about a typeface is to look well put together. Don’t try too much to make the letters look good but try to make them well connected and to be part of the same typing philosophy.