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Different Computer Problems and Solutions to Them

Different Computer Problems and Solutions to Them

Any computer user, no matter the experience they have with computers, at some point has faced computer problems and solutions seemed impossible to be found. However, there is no need to despair, as any problem can be fixed, harder or easier, depending on the complexity and gravity of the situation. Here are some of the most common computer problems and how you can fix them


The system’s processor must have a good ventilation otherwise if one cooling fan runs out, the processor can be heated and the system may stop or crash. In this situation, the computer can be highly affected and some components may need to be replaced. When you doubt the cooling system, it is better to use computer programs that can show temperature and thoroughly clean the fans from dust and dirt deposits.

Power supply

Electricity can create major problems for the PC and the best recommendation is that you use a good power source for the computer, or you can get a UPS, which is a voltage regulator that will maintain the power long enough for the computer to exit all the applications.


This is one of the most frequent computer problems and solutions are simple: you have to install an antivirus or an anti-spyware program and perform a complete scan on your computer in order to detect the cause of the problem and to remove the viruses.

BIOS Settings

Each motherboard has a chipset according to BIOS and malfunctions in this area can keep the computer from running or can make it restart often. If the computer won’t start anymore, it most likely needs a BIOS reset. The most common keys to enter BIOS are F2, F10 and Delete and once you enter Bios, you have to take care what you do if you want to avoid bigger computer damage.

Hardware failure

Each hardware device communicates with the other devices through an “interrupt request channel” or an IRQ, which must be unique for every device. For example, the keyboard connects through IRQ 1, the printer through IRQ 7 and the floppy through IRQ 6. If some devices are improperly installed or installed on the same IRQ, the computer will show a malfunction and will block. In this situation, you must check the correct device installation in the computer’s Device Manager.

Ask professionals for help

Many computer issues are caused by minor malfunctions that can be easily repaired, however if you don’t know how to fix your computer you should call for the help of specialists who deal with computer problems and solutions to them. Never try to perform a procedure on the computer if you are not sure which is the correct ay or which are the consequences, otherwise you can do more harm to the d