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Discover the Chia Seeds Nutritional Value and Its Benefits

Discover the Chia Seeds Nutritional Value and Its Benefits

If there is one food that can be called complete, it is the chia seeds. These incredible seeds are full of vitamins, minerals, help you control your body weight, do wonders for your health and the chia seeds nutritional value places them in the top of the nutritional pyramid.
Chia, which means “power” in Mayan is related to mint and consists in large amounts of vitamins and fat acids that help your body to fight against daily aggressions. The high chia seeds nutritional value is mostly owed to the large amounts of calcium, five times higher than milk, the antioxidants, the iron content that is three times higher than in spinach, the proteins and the potassium, all these making the chia seeds real health bombs.

Great energy boosters

The legend says that the Aztecs and Mayans used the chia seeds to improve their physical resistance due to the carbohydrates and nutrients input that helps athletes during races. Chia seeds are rightly considered allies to a strong and healthy body due to increased protein content which increase the body’s energy level. The proteins along with the omega 3 fatty acids, the fibers, and other nutrients strengthen the immunity and prevent diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular or gastrointestinal problems. Chia seeds play a crucial role in the fight against many types of cancer. Integrated in your weekly diet, these seeds destroy cancer cells and repair damaged DNA in the body.

The chia seeds have a versatile taste

The best thing about the chia seeds is that they have a smooth flavor, similar to peanuts, therefore you can add them in any dish without the fear they will spoil the taste. Whether you add them in your cereals or in rice or salads, the chia seeds will be delicious no matter the combination. You don’t need to grind the seeds, you can either eat them raw, add them to puddings or cooked food.

The chia seeds are excellent in weight loss diets

These seeds are full of fibers, which give you the fullness sensation and remove the cravings, are very easy to digest and regulate your appetite, are recommended in diets because they have almost no caloric intake and the chia seeds nutritional value easily installs fullness and nourishes the body without the risk of weight gain. When you mix chia seeds with water results a type of gel that inhibits the appetite and fights against overeating and obesity.