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DIY Garden Pots and Planters Ideas

DIY Garden Pots and Planters Ideas

It feels so good to be able to leave your mark all over your little garden! Either you choose to decorate each of your garden pots and planters in your own style or you just place them in a special arrangement, the key is to focus on delivering warmth and joy to whoever takes a glance at them! If this is your first time when you plant some seeds and you feel sorry to dirty those beautiful feminine pots then here’s a little trick that may be useful to you. Place some coffee filters inside the pots and you can be sure that the soil will not dirty their walls!

Decorated Terracotta garden Pots and planters

If you have some old terracotta pots and you don’t think they may fit in your beautiful garden, you should try to decorate them in order to make them look more stylish. An interesting idea would be to glue some sparkling flat rocks on them and paint them afterwards. Another idea would be to stick some leaves on the pot, paint the whole thing and then remove the remains in order to see the contrast between the two colors.

Tree-stump Planter

If you have a tree-stump in your garden then you’re lucky for not having to bring another tree-stump in your garden in order to transform it into a planter! A climbing flower would look the best on it.

Yarn-wrapped Pots

If you really don’t like the color of your pots, you can change it only in a few moments by wrapping some yarn around the pots and not letting go until you cover its whole height. For advanced users this technique can be improved by making color changes or even shape patterns on it. The thicker the yarn is, the better your garden pots and planters will look.

Planters Made of Pavers

If you have some old pavers in your garden that you don’t need anymore, transforming them into planters would be a very clever idea. Simply place them on the ground forming a regular shape – the square is the easiest to make.

Vertical Garden

If you want to save some space in your garden you should try to place the pots forming a vertical garden. Use a wood stand or an iron stand, the gravity force and some hooks that will hold the pots in their places. Before you make any plant to suffer you must make sure the stand supports all the weight that you want to rest on it.