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Do’s and don’ts when hiring a cleaning company

Do’s and don’ts when hiring a cleaning company

Having a clean home is a must and before worrying about decorations and architectural style, you should always make sure that the place you live in is clean and healthy. Most people do all the work themselves and waste precious spare time scrubbing floors, dusting and cleaning carpets. However, you don’t have to work like a slave, because house cleaning services are more affordable than ever and you can always hire a professional maid to make your home spick and span. There are many options to choose from, especially in Australia, where house cleaning Perth is one of the most profitable industries. But, before calling any number you happen to come across while reading your morning newspaper, keep in mind there are certain mistakes that have to be avoided and several tricks that can help you choose easier.

Do – First of all, take your time and do some research. Find out which company is the most reliable, because this matters in terms of security, not only cleanliness. It’s no use hiring a team of cleaners that does a good job if at the end of the day some of your valuables are missing. Also, keep in mind that many cleaners come to do their job while you are away from home, so it’s important to work with someone that is truly dependable. Read as many testimonials as you can and ask your friends and relatives in your area if they know a professional company.

Don’t – Avoid hiring a company based only on price. There are indeed many providers that get the job done for a minimal amount, but they don’t necessarily get the job done well. After all, even a 15 year old can do a mediocre job while he’s grounded, but you’ll be paying for it, so raise the standards. Even if professional cleaning services cost a little more, the results are worth it, because everything will be cleaned perfectly, even the areas that you normally neglect or that particularly pesky to clean, such as the back of appliances or heavy furniture.

Do – choose green cleaning services. A few years ago, this wasn’t very feasible, but not the majority of respectable companies have replaced conventional cleaning products with eco-friendly ones. These are, in fact, quite cheap and not only do you help the environment by preventing water pollution, but also your family: green house cleaning Perth uses safe and gentle products that do not give off a strong smell and that don’t cause allergies. This is a great idea if there are children and pets living in your home and you don’t want to risk their safety.

Don’t – Do not work with a company that offers only one type of cleaning. A professional cleaning provider should be able to offer a wide variety of services, such as oven, carpet and window cleaning, in additional to regular cleaning. Also, the right cleaning service is the one that has a flexible schedule and you should be able to establish the date or dates of the week/month when the maid comes to clean.