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Dukan Diet Review Reveals Pros and Cons

Dukan Diet Review Reveals Pros and Cons

After the holidays have past, or if you stopped exercising for a while, chances are you gained a few pounds and you should start searching for an effective and safe diet that will give you optimal results without jeopardizing your health. With all the diet plans available nowadays it is hard to tell which one is really efficient, but one diet seems to be on the lips of every one, namely the dukan diet. In order to discover if this diet really works, here is a dukan diet review that can help you decide if this is the diet you are looking for.

What is dukan diet and how does it work?

The dukan diet is a low-carbohydrate diet based on high protein consumption. It consists in four stages namely the attack stage, the cruise stage, the consolidation stage and the stabilization stage. During stage one, you are forced to only eat proteins, then you gradually insert fruits and vegetables in the diet, and eventually you are allowed to eat anything. The aim is to lose weight in the first two weeks and then maintain a constant weight which can involve one protein-only day once a week for the rest of your life.
This diet became worldwide popular thanks to celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Kate Middleton or Giselle Bundchen who have tried it with excellent results. The basic advantage of this diet and what makes it so different is the fact you can eat as much as you want although food groups are very limited. Besides the weight loss possibility, this diet also keeps extra fat from accumulating on your body.

What do people who followed the dukan diet say?

Any dukan diet review you read will reveal satisfied users that have obtained great results in both losing weight and keeping from gaining extra weight throughout life. Many people have stated that they lost weight very fast, which is motivating, and you don’t have to count calories and weigh food, which makes this diet easy to follow.

Are there any side effects in the dukan diet?

In order to offer a fair dukan diet review, we must inform you about the side effects you may experience. In the beginning of the diet, you may have bad breath and a dry mouth, you may feel tired, dizzy and nauseous and you may experience insomnia thanks to cutting out carbs in your nutrition. The absence of grains, fruits, and vegetables in the early phases of the diet can also cause constipation and the lack of variety and taste can tempt you to easily give up. Being nutritionally unbalanced, you will need vitamin and fiber supplements, and the risk of suffering long-term health problems is increased if you don’t stick to the rules.