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Easy but Practical DIY Canvas Art Ideas

Easy but Practical DIY Canvas Art Ideas

There are many solutions that you can use for embellishing your house in a great way, but unfortunately, most of them require spending lots of money on furnishings, decorations and other elements that could help you achieve a great interior design. Therefore, we advise you to add a cheerful touch to you place by using one of this simple and affordable DIY canvas art ideas. Getting involved in this type of project will show anyone how creative you can get, and it will allow your family and friends to see more of your artistic side.

Quote canvas wall art

Quote canvas represent a great way to maintain a positive energy in your home. Since everyone goes through bad periods from time to time, it’s important to have something to remind us that life is beautiful, and that we shouldn’t let anything bring us down. Therefore, we advise you to use canvas to make an inspirational wall decoration. Moreover, you can create a modern ornament by using ModPodge to adhere newspaper to the surface of the canvas before writing your motivational quote. So, you must start by covering the entire canvas with newspaper, and by using a measuring tape to draw a straight, light line on the canvas. Next, use a pencil to make elegant marks across the canvas, and follow the marks to freehand a quote with black acrylic paint. You can be confident that this is one of the DIY canvas art ideas that will offer you amazing results.

Dried flower canvas wall embellishment

Making a dried flower canvas wall establishment is one of the DIY canvas art ideas that can help you enjoy beautiful spring flowers in every season of the year. So, you should preserve your favorite flowers by drying them in a large, heavy book, and you should get the supplies that you need to create this piece of art. Furthermore, you will have to use scissors, stretched canvas, a paint brush and Mod Podge. After you have completely dried the flowers, you start arranging them anyway you want on the canvas. Keep in mind that you have to handle them carefully, because they are very fragile, and some of the petals and leaves might come loose. Use glue to attach them to the canvas, and throw away any extra roots. Try to press down slightly to make sure that the flowers will stay in place, and paint a thin coat of Mod Podge over the entire canvas, including the flowers. That is all you have to do in order to obtain an impressive piece of art.