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Enjoy the Curative Properties of the Black, Yellow or Pink Sapphire

Enjoy the Curative Properties of the Black, Yellow or Pink Sapphire

The sapphire is a stone of wisdom, each color possessing a particular feature that focuses and calms the mind, drives away negative thoughts and intellectual tension. Giving peace and serenity to the spirit, sapphires align physical, mental and spiritual sides, offers balance and restores the body. This stone removes depression and spiritual confusion, stimulates concentration, brings prosperity and attracts all graces. The sapphires come in many colors and if you are a fan of precious stones, you can choose from many colorful items such as green, blue, red or pink sapphire jewelry.

The sapphire has a wide range of colors

The sapphire, considered by some astrologers as the rock of September, became the most prominent blue gem along the ages. The ancient Persians believed that the sapphire’s blue reflexions painted the sky blue. It seems that the name comes from the Latin “Sapphires”, which means blue, but in time many varieties of colors were discovered from white sapphire which successfully replaces the diamond, to purple, yellow, orange, green or pink sapphire, except for the red sapphire which is actually a Rubin.

Depending on its colors, the sapphire has many properties

The black sapphire is protective, gives you confidence in your own intuition, while the blue sapphire is a good healer that calms you and banishes negative energies.
The pink sapphire acts as a magnet to bring into your life all the graces you need in order to evolve. This stone acts very fast, teaches you how to master emotions, removes energy blockages and integrates emotional processing. As it connects to the brain, a pair of pink sapphire earrings will increase the brain functions and help you concentrate.
The yellow sapphire attracts wealth into the house so put it in a jewelry case to increase prosperity and earnings. In jewelry, the sapphire must be in contact with the skin in order to stimulate the intellect and increase concentration to obtain an overview. As an elixir, the yellow sapphire removes toxins from the body. Placed on the neck, the sapphire drives away frustration and enhances the expression ability, therefore, a sapphire necklace is the perfect curating piece of jewelry.

The perfect substitute for diamonds and an excellent accessory

The sapphire has a 9 points hardness, being the hardest mineral after the diamond and it can often be used as a substitute for diamond, having similar glow. The sapphire jewelries are elegant, sophisticated, and perfect for any occasion. If you choose a pair of blue sapphire earrings or a beautiful pink sapphire ring, you will definitely attract all the attention.