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Everything there is to know about basement insulation

Everything there is to know about basement insulation

As a house owner, you probably want to keep your house clean and safe and in order to achieve this; you must have full control over the temperature and humidity inside it. For this reason, you need to be aware of the fact that proper insulation is extremely important, especially if you live in areas with cool temperatures and a high level of precipitations, such as Ontario, Canada. So if you have neglected this aspect, remember that you need to start looking for a company that specializes in insulation installation. A lot of people think that they only need to fill in the spaces around doorways and window frames, but this is not actually true: the most efficient insulation is done for areas such as the attic or the basement. Nowadays, more and more families want their basement to be a comfortable and functional living space, and this also means a moisture-free, clean and secure environment. That is why you need to make sure the area is properly insulated.

Why is basement insulation necessary?

Since it is a space somehow separated from the house, a lot of people consider they do not have to insulate their basement, but this is not actually true. If you lack square footage, then you may want to use this large room as the perfect storage space. However, given the fact that it is placed under ground, all the moisture is likely to affect the items you place in there. As a consequence, you will have to invest in quality insulation services in Ontario. In addition to this, there is another simple reason why house owners decide to hire a dedicated company for this job: temperature control. Due to basic thermal dynamics theories, the basement is that part of the house where a lot of heat is lost, especially in spots such as the edges of the floor and above a large part of the foundation, as well. So it is not enough to have a strong reliable flooring system, because the basement insulation also plays a crucial role. It has to be properly installed, and this is not only for the comfort of your family, but also for your budget, as it will help you save a lot of money on household expenses. Soon after you install insulation, you will notice lower bills and fewer expenses.

What are your options in terms of basement insulation?

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Nowadays, there are plenty of companies specialized in offering insulation services and projects, so you will definitely be able to choose a reliable contractor. To begin with, you need to provide them all the details related to your property and your expectations, so that they can tell you what they can do. Fortunately, an expert can provide valuable pieces of advice, but you should also do your homework – after all, you have the final call. What you must understand is that there are many types of insulation available on the dedicated market. The most common choices for spaces such as the basement are rigid panels, batts and spray foam. Of course each of them has its benefits and drawbacks, so it takes a professional to help you make an informed decision. The first option, rigid panels, consists in sheets of material that are extremely efficient, but also more expensive than the other two choices. The panels are about two inches width, and are made of XPS (extruded polystyrene), extremely resistant and tough. This makes them the ideal barrier against humidity and temperature transfer. The second possibility, batts, is indeed less expensive, but it is also efficient (except extreme conditions). The batts are made of mineral fibres (fiberglass or wool), so it is up to you which one you want. Spray foam, also known as foam-in-place, is blown into walls and can replace other types of insulation. It provides better coverage of gaps and empty spaces, as compared with batts or rigid panels. Experts advise you to opt for closed cell spray, because it not only offers great protection against humidity, but it also prevents temperature transfer and provides sound proofing.

Common mistakes

One of the most popular mistakes house owners make when choosing to have insulation installed by a company in Ontario, Canada, is opting for the cheapest alternative. Of course you want to save some money, that is probably why you are insulating the basement in the first place, but remember that there is a clear correlation between price and quality. for this reason, what you need to do is discuss your options with an expert and accept their advice, because they know exactly what you need. Another mistake house owners make is thinking they can insulate the basement themselves, without hiring a contractor that has experience in the industry. As mentioned above, this team of professionals will help you make the right decision for your home and family. In addition to this, they use dedicated tools and pieces of equipment you could not use otherwise. It is not worth investing in products you need to learn how to use, just for a single operation. That is why the best thing you can do is hire a company that already knows what to do to obtain the best results.

As you can see, you can transform your basement into the perfect living space or storage, if you insulate it properly. Keep unwanted air and humidity out, and increase the utility of this additional room of your real estate. Remember that the project is a major one, and collaborate with a reliable contractor. Once the task is done, you will be able to enjoy a comfortable, warm and inviting environment, just like any other inside the house.