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Everything You Need to Know About Bamboo Towels

Everything You Need to Know About Bamboo Towels

When it comes to towels, it is very important to choose those models that will not affect your health when you use them. The fabric definitely needs to be a soft one. Here is everything you need to know about bamboo towels, the most recommended models these days.

Everything You Need to Know About Bamboo Towels Picture

What are bamboo towels?

A bamboo towel is made of bamboo fibers. It is not chemically treated, and this means that it is free of any type of bacteria that can harm you. These products are highly recommended these days when lots of things that surround us are full of chemicals that affect our health.

The benefits of these products

When it comes to the benefits, they are without a doubt multiple. First of all, they are eco-friendly, which is absolutely fantastic nowadays, when we must do everything we can in order to protect the environment. Bamboo is certainly a very conscious choice, not to mention the fact that it releases 35% more oxygen into the air than any other tree. Another advantage is that they are very soft. Bamboo fabrics are well known for their amazing softness. Therefore, a towel like this will gently clean your skin, no matter how sensitive it is. Furthermore, you will absolutely love the fact that these towels are extremely absorbent. They quickly soak up a lot of water. On the other hand, this advantage could be considered a disadvantage as well, because they will actually take a bit longer to dry. Bamboo towels are anti-static, anti-fungal, and anti-microbial as well. Due to this amazing fabric, 70% of bacteria will be killed. Furthermore, it doesn’t release any bad odor into the air.

How to care for a bamboo towel

You need to make sure you clean your bamboo towels properly so that you can use these products for a very long period of time. You need to use a prior bag in order to make sure you will highly protect the fabric. Moreover, it is highly recommended to dry them naturally rather than using the tumble dryer. You should also not use a fabric conditioner, due to the fact that the micro-gasp in the fibers can be blocked, and this can lead to a reduced absorbency. This is everything you need to know about bamboo towels, in case you are thinking to replace your old towels with some brand new bamboo models.