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Find Out What Causes Ischemic Heart Disease

Find Out What Causes Ischemic Heart Disease

Ischemic heart disease is a disorder caused by the decrease of the amount of blood that irrigates the heart by reducing or suppressing coronary circulation and therefore, transporting insufficient amount of oxygen necessary in order for the heart muscle to fulfill its contractile role. In order to maintain your heart healthy and out of risk, you must know what causes ischemic heart disease and how can you prevent it.
Myocardial ischemia is a condition that can be deadly if not treated properly. What causes ischemic heart disease is the blockage of coronary arteries that feed the heart, resulting in reducing the amount of blood that supplies the heart muscle. The risks increase with age, smoking, diabetes and hyper pressure, being more common among men and people with close relatives who have experienced this disease.

Changeable and unchangeable risk factors

Age, gender or medical heritage are unchangeable factors that can not be influenced by your behavior, but you can choose to stay away from heart problems by opting for a healthy way of life, excluding smoking that can develop clogs in your vessels, chaotic nutrition that can give you diabetes or hyper cholesterol, the lack of exercise that can generate obesity and hypertension.

The causes of ischemic heart disease

When you think about what causes ischemic heart disease, the first answer is atherosclerosis, which means narrowing or blocking the coronary heart arteries thus producing areas of necrosis in the heart muscle. Other causes such as congenital coronary abnormalities, syphilis or embolisms are much more rare causes. The incidence and severity of cardiovascular diseases, atherosclerosis, hypertension and heart failure increase with age. Although atherosclerosis begins to constitute since childhood therefore, you must pay attention what kind of food you get your children used to, it begins to clinically manifest in men after the age of 40 and in women after the age of 50.
Other important causes or risk factors are the high levels of cholesterol, hypertension, smoking, diabetes, obesity, hypothyroidism, stress and heredity. The combination of several factors increases 5 to 10 times the risk of ischemic heart disease and its main particular event, the myocardial infarction.

Social risk factors

The persons with an A type personality characterized by ambition, aggression, competitive spirit, always on a hurry, have higher risk of ischemic heart disease and recurrent myocardial infarction than a type B personality, as well as depression, anxiety and panic attacks, chronic stress and socioeconomic status can have a major impact on your heart’s health.