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Fitness for Seniors Recommended According Age

Fitness for Seniors Recommended According Age

When you are young, everything is very simple: if you win a few pounds, you go to the gym and get rid of them. But when you start to get older, things are not that easy. Movements can become hard to make and can sometimes cause pain. If you are getting older and fear about your mobility, you can do some fitness for seniors that will keep you in shape.
Exercise can slow the aging process, can fight against diabetes, heart disease, and osteoporosis. Many people know about the benefits movement brings to their lives, therefore, they act accordingly and exercise regularly. Others, however, have not exercised in years and are starting to feel the effects of age on their organism. Even if you are past your first youth, there is never too late to start exercising and helping your body improve mobility and strength and you can find the set of fitness for senior that is appropriate for your age.

At the age of 50

At your 50s you are already beginning to feel the negative effects of spending far a lot of time sitting on the chair, such as back pain, neck pain, shoulders ache, and headache. From this age women begin to have a higher risk of developing osteoporosis (a disease that weakens bones, exposing joints even more to injuries). Because of this risk, before doing intense joints and bones exercises like running, you should consult a specialist. Walking, however, may be practiced without restraint, being essential in preventing or delaying with osteoporosis.

At the age of 60

Around the age of 60, lung capacity and the elasticity of arteries decrease rapidly. Therefore, you should focus on cardiovascular exercise and aerobic exercises that have a low impact on the joints, but strengthens your heart and lungs. These include walking, swimming or badminton. A major impediment at this age is the embarrassment of practicing among strangers, therefore you could try to work out at home or join groups of fitness for seniors that can teach you how to properly exercise at your age.

At the age of 70

The elasticity of muscles and tendons dramatically decreases and the risks of chronic fatigue, depression, weight loss and stroke are increased. In these circumstances, it would be recommended to do two workouts a week of yoga, Pilates and Tai chi, of about 20 minutes, and some cardio exercises such as dancing or swimming for 15 minutes once a week. You can also start gardening or take short walks.