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Fitness improvement: should you take a DNA test?

Fitness improvement: should you take a DNA test?


Have you been working out in the gym regularly without noticing significant results? Have you been thinking about changing your diet, but you do not know from where to begin? Instead of exhausting your body and consuming the wrong products, you should consider taking a DNA test. You might associate this procedure with people committing a felony or trying to find their father and you are right, a DNA test comes very handy in these types of situations. However, according to researchers, people respond differently to exercise and food because of their genes, not to mention about the popularity enjoyed by DNA testing in the fitness industry. The process has not changes: you put a cotton wool bud in your mouth in order to collect a certain amount of saliva and place it into a plastic test tube that you seal properly. After that, you just wait for the results that will help you get a personalized training plan that only elite athletes had access to in the past.

DNA testing can give you relevant information about your genes

Even though you might display a reluctant attitude at the beginning, you should know that a DNA test could provide you relevant information, such as gluten and lactose intolerance risk, sensitivity to carbohydrates, vitamin needs and caffeine metabolism. Since you struggle in the gym, maybe you have not found your calling yet. With DNA testing, you have the opportunity to discover if you have aerobic potential, a natural aptitude for power sports or endurance sports. Moreover, you can also find out the time your body needs to recover between workouts.  You probably exhausted your body unintentionally and now your muscles no longer respond to stimuli. Just like everyone else, you most likely tried to document yourself regarding the right fitness program and the healthiest diet, but reading a random article on the internet with general information will not do you any good because you need tailored advice. For instance, maybe you notice that you put weight on rapidly or that you lose weight fast, but do you know why? A DNA test has the purpose to give answers to such questions.

The results provided by a DNA test will help you achieve the much-wanted body

During the process of changing your nutrition and becoming fit, you probably had numerous questions. “What type of foods slow down my metabolism?” “What type of exercises should I focus on during my workouts?” “Does my body recover slow after an intense workout?” “Am I susceptible to soft tissue injury?” You probably figured out some things along the way, but you did not manage to clear all your doubts. Fortunately, allocating a few minutes of your time and taking a DNA test will give you all the necessary data that you can use alone to develop a proper fitness program and adopt a customized diet or share it with a nutritionist and personal trainer. The chances of not achieving the body you desire after this decision are almost impossible.