Even though you and your ex decided to go separate ways, you keep running into each other. Whether you have mutual friends, you frequent the same coffee shops or you live in the same building, you cannot get his charming smile out of your head no matter how much you try. You still do not know if that charming smile or the fact that you feel miserably alone made you get close to each other again, but the truth is that you two started chatting again, spending time together more as a couple than as a group and even tackling the reason of your break-up in a serious manner. Are these obvious signs that he and you are surely heading towards reconciliation? Do you even want to get back with your ex again? Well, if your relationship ended amicably, the reason is fixable, you remained friends and you made unforgettable memories together when you were a couple, you do not even need a free psychic reading because the chances of reconciliation are clearly high.

Can you bury the past and live in the moment?

However, you cannot help but over-analyze the situation because such a decision can have a great impact on your life. Maybe the spark is still alive, but is this a compelling reason for you to go back on that road again? Start asking yourself: do you want the same things? For instance, do you both plan to engage in a long-lasting meaningful relationship that might even turn into marriage at some point in the future? Do you operate on the same wavelength? Are you ready to leave the past behind and live in the present… with him or are you the type of person who simply cannot forgive and forget? Do you two connect on an emotional level? Yes, there are many questions that you have to consider before rushing to get back into his arms, but their purpose is to prevent you from making a decision that you will later or even instantly regret. We bet now you would probably resort to free fortune teller chat just to have the reassurance that you will not get hurt again.

Did he reveal his wish of getting back with you?

What happens if you have been reading the signs wrong all this time? Are you sure that your ex also wants to get back with you? Do you know if he dated someone else during your break-up? Did he reveal in any way the fact that he still misses you? Did he try to contact you during this entire time? Did he maintain a warm behavior around you even after the break-up? If the answer to all these questions is “yes”, then you do not have to worry about him rejecting you if you propose him to give it another shot. On the other hand, if you did not have much contact since you decided to go separate ways, the chances are that only you dream about that controversial reconciliation.