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Gift Ideas for the Special Man in Your Life

Gift Ideas for the Special Man in Your Life

When it comes to buying gifts for men, things couldn’t be any more complicated. Men are very picky when it comes to gifts. They have very strong senses of style and are unwilling to take fashion risks. They are not fond of decorations or of any objects of which they cannot make good use. They usually buy everything they need by themselves, and they don’t like having too many options of the same things. Furthermore, as fond as we are about the diy trend, don’t bother looking for DIY Valentines gift ideas for him as there are little chances that your partner will enjoy such a gift. As such, there are a million ways in which you can go wrong when buying a gift for a man. If you are struggling to find the perfect gift for your boyfriend, your husband of your father, we have some great suggestions for you, divided on different types of budgets.

1. Gifts under $50

If you are looking for a symbolic gift, there are some options out there. Some are so cheap that you can even find them under $10. First of all, you can try a tie. All men wear ties at certain points in their life. Moreover, current fashion trends, allow both men and women to integrate ties on casual, everyday outfits. The same can be said for bow ties, though they are slightly more sophisticated. If your special man is not fond of ties or bow ties, you can consider a belt or a wallet. These are the type of things that tend to get ruined after being used a few months and any man would like to have some spares. If your heart is set on DIY Valentines gift ideas for him, the only safe idea would be a photo collage.

2. Gifts under $100

If you are looking for gifts under $100, you have two options: you can choose classier and more expensive versions of the previously presented gifts under $50, or you can choose cheaper versions of more expensive gifts. For example, with some luck, you can find a good electric shaver under $100. With this budget, you can also consider a fancy set of whiskey glasses, a sophisticated Swiss army knife or a personalized shaving set.

3. Gifts under $300

With any budget over $100, you have plenty of wiggle room to also consider the interests of the person in question. For example, if the man for whom you are buying the gift is passionate about golf, you can buy them an innovative golf rangefinder. If you are unfamiliar with these gadgets, read some reviews on golfrangefinders.reviews in order to make sure that you are buying the right type of gadget.

Moreover, with such a budget, you can also afford a state of the art electric shaver. This is definitely the type of gift which any man would be thankful for. However, be careful as man are quite pretentious about their shaving routine. You may want to read some electric shaver reviews before buying one. When reading electric shaver reviews, make sure to consider your partner’s skin type and shaving routines. Rotary shavers are suited for men with sensitive skin who don’t shave daily whereas foil shavers work wonders for though hair and daily shaves.

4. Gifts over $300

At this point, you can consider fancier gifts. If you are buying the gift for your boyfriend or your husband, a romantic city break will definitely be considered an amazing gift. Watches are also good gift ideas when your budget allows it.