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Have a Fire Safety Plan for Your Business

Have a Fire Safety Plan for Your Business

Fire has the power to destroy your place of business and may even result in the tragic loss of life. Be prepared by following safety guidelines and educating your employees.

Sprinkler and Suppression Systems

Depending on the size of your business and local laws and codes, the building your company occupies will likely have some sort of fire suppression system. There will usually be smoke or heat detectors located throughout the building, and in many cases, these detectors will trigger sprinklers to go off or chemical agents to be released if they sense fire. Commercial locations are also required to house functioning manual extinguishers. You will want to find a company to routinely service your fire extinguishers NYC or wherever your business is located so they are in working order if they are needed.

Safety Codes

Engaging a company to maintain your extinguishers and other fire safety equipment is a wise move. There are federal guidelines, as well as state and local laws and safety codes, which all companies are required to follow. Beyond having a suppression system there are usually other specifications such as providing clearly marked and unobstructed exits, exit lighting, other safety devices and more. Disregarding safety codes not only endangers your business property and your employees, it also can put you at risk of facing large fines and penalties. It is vital to stay in compliance with all applicable laws and codes.

Evacuation Plans

It’s important that all employees be made aware of where to locate and how to use safety equipment and that they have basic knowledge of code requirements. The most critical thing for them to know, however, is how to safely evacuate the building in the event of a fire. Review your evacuation plan with all new hires as soon as they begin working at your location, and conduct periodic refreshers with all employees.

Your evacuation plan should be clear, but it should also address the uncertainties that can arise in the event of a catastrophe. For instance, employees should know the locations of all extinguishers and exits in the event that some are inaccessible in an actual emergency. Conducting frequent safety drills can help everyone feel more prepared.

A fire can be far less destructive if your business is ready for one. Being properly equipped, following safety codes and communicating an evacuation plan can help mitigate the devastation a fire can bring.