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Health Benefits of Smoothies

Health Benefits of Smoothies

Smoothies are getting more popular by the day. They come with numerous benefits. They are easy to make and they allow you to consume your daily recommended quantities of fruit and veggies with minimum effort. Moreover, they are great for weight loss and they also improve digestions and are great for detox diets. If they are rich in protein, they can also help you build muscles. They are also a great source of energy and can help you achieve all of your health goals. These are general health benefits of smoothies. However, depending on their composition, we can also classify smoothies in several types, each one with their particular health benefits.

Benefits of fruit smoothies

Different fruits have different health benefits. As such, different types of fruit smoothies also come with different benefits.

  • Citrus smoothies

When it comes to citrus fruits, the high quantity of vitamins and minerals results in numerous health benefits of smoothies. Citrus smoothies improve the immune system, support the heart function and a encourage a normal blood pressure.

  • Berry smoothies

This type of smoothies are highly rich in antioxidants and are great for fighting colds and other diseases.

  • Tropical fruit smoothies

Tropical fruit smoothies are good for the thyroid gland, for the nervous system and the bones, but also for regulating the blood sugar levels.

  • Drupe fruit smoothies

The drupes fruit category includes cherries, plums, apricots and peaches. Smoothies that contain these fruits improve both the immune system as well as the vision.

  • Pomes fruit smoothies

Let’s not forget about the pomes fruits smoothies that contain apples and pears. There’s a reason why an apple a day keeps the doctor away and that reason stays true even when said apple is mashed or blended.

  • Melon fruit smoothies

Melon smoothies are not only the best summer refreshments but they are also healthy beverages which can greatly improve the immune system.

Benefits of green smoothies

Leafy greens make for the healthiest smoothies. Green smoothies may no look as yummy as the colorful fruity smoothies yet they come with numerous health benefits. The best greens that you can put in a blender are spinach, kale, cucumber, mint and romaine. The main health benefits of smoothies are vitamins. With green smoothies, you get a ton of vitamins, but you also get a lot of fiber. These smoothies are a great way of getting your children to eat their greens. The green color may not be very appetizing, but if you combine leafy greens with some fruits, you will end up with some incredibly healthy yet surprisingly delicious smoothies.

Benefits of dairy-based smoothies

This type of smoothies are a great way of making sure that you benefit from your daily dairy recommendation. A lot of people use water, soy milk, almond milk or fruit juice as the smoothie base. However, if you use milk or yoghurt, you will supply your body not only with vitamins but also with calcium. Moreover, yoghurt and kefir also contain probiotics. Dairy smoothies make for great breakfasts.