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Health Tips for Diabetes

Health Tips for Diabetes

There are three types of diabetes:

  1. Type 1 Diabetes – which is an Autoimmune disease that is caused by the fact that the pancreas produces very little insulin or in some cases it doesn’t produce insulin at all.
  2. Type 2 Diabetes – which is considered a lifestyle disease because it is normally triggered by living a sedentary life. Around 90% of the cases of diabetes are type 2 diabetes. Heredity and age are some factors that influence the emergence of the type 2 diabetes as well.
  3. Type 3 Diabetes which is also called gestational diabetes because it is a condition that women can get when they are in the second trimester of pregnancy.

The most common and more easily to be controlled is the type 2 diabetes. We present to you the best health tips for diabetes which will help you have a healthy lifestyle.

Do more exercises

If you lose weight and show respect for your body, it will show respect for your health in return. By losing weight, you will lower your blood sugar. Losing weight by following some wonder diets it’s not a good thing for your body because you will slow down your metabolism and your body will have the tendency to get even fatter. Aerobic and resistance training can help you control diabetes.

Have THE healthy diet, not just any diet

This is one of the best health tips for diabetes. Did you know that all the diets do harm to your body? What you need is a long-term diet, a life-changing way of eating and doing sports. Avoid white bread and replace it with whole grains bread. Get plenty of fibers from nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables and beans. Give up all the fast food, with no exception! It may seem difficult in the beginning but if you want to beat diabetes you must do this. The good news is that you will accommodate to your new lifestyle as long as you persist in it. Your body will have the tendency to not accept the healthy food and to bounce back to the fatty fast food. You may experience nausea or headaches, but these are normal things during the detox process. Don’t just follow health tips for diabetes but instead try to stick to a strong healthy lifestyle.

Go to the doctor from time to time

There are pills that can help you with this condition, but you must not rely too much on this remedy and instead try to build a healthy sustainable solution that will help you stay away from diabetes.