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Home Remedies for Dry Cracked Hands

Home Remedies for Dry Cracked Hands

The sensitivity of the hands can be a matter of negligence and improper care, but it can also be a matter of general sensitivity. Usually, if the cause of the dry hands is negligence, the problem can easily be solved. For example, if you do a lot of manual dish washing on general cleaning around the house and you don’t protect your hands, you will likely end up with dry, cracked hands. The solution to this problem is very simple: try to wear gloves at all possible times when cleaning the house, use gentle cleaning products and moisturize your skin as often as possible. Also during the winter time, protect you hands with gloves whenever you are leaving the house. However, for some people, all precautionary methods and beauty routines fail when it comes to the hand care, especially during the winter time. People with sensitive hands must put a little more effort into their daily skin care routine. However, more effort, doesn’t necessarily translate into more money. Stay with us if you wish to discover some amazing home remedies for dry cracked hands.


The key to any good skin hydration solution is exfoliation. You can try all moisturizing home remedies for dry cracked hands but if the top surface of your skin is very rough, the moisturizer will have a very hard time penetrating that surface and hydrating the skin. Therefore, an exfoliation ritual is essential, at least a couple of times a week. One of the cheapest exfoliating solutions consists in a mixture between brown sugar and olive oil. Rub this mixture on your hands for a couple of minutes. You will achieve a better result if you previously dipped your hands in warm water. Rubbing your hands with yoghurt is another great way of gently exfoliation your hands.

Natural moisturizers

Olive oil and coconut oil are the best home remedies for dry cracked hands. Simply rub them on your hands. Use small quantities but repeat the procedure several times per day. Honey is also a great natural moisturizer. Mix a tablespoon of honey with a teaspoon of lemon juice and rub the mixture on your hands for several minutes after which you can wash your hands. You can also wash your hands with some milk. However, after massaging the milk into your skin, don’t wash your hands, but gently wipe the excess milk away with a cloth dipped in warm water. If none of these methods work, invest in a pair of spa gloves. Use either oil or normal hand lotion before going to bed and put the gloves on in order to enhance the moisturizing effect.