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Home vs. salon manicure – affordability vs. professionalism

Home vs. salon manicure – affordability vs. professionalism

For many women, doing their own manicure is a weekly ritual that they indulge in and that, in time, they get quite good at. For others, it is a stressful thing that they don’t think about unless their favourite salon is fully booked. Both cases have strong advocates and if you are trying to make a decision, things can be very confusing. While it cannot be denied that doing your own nails has its benefits at times, it is preferable to go to a salon as often as possible, because the work done by professional beauticians is much better than what a non-trained person can ever do at home. Here are the aesthetical, medical and financial reasons why going to a salon is preferable to doing your manicure at home.


First of all, you can see the difference in terms of manicure quality. Nail experts at salons such as http://www.edenbeautyleeds.co.uk undergo years of training to provide professional results. They know how to apply nail polish and nail lacquer with precision, so that you are not left with anaesthetic stains on your fingers or cuticles. They also know all about nail polish texture and apply coats in such a way as not to leave streaks or air bubbles. They excel at nail art, which is something that only a select few can do all by themselves, because drawings made with the non-dominant hand tend to look quite shaky and asymmetrical. Just have a look at the portfolio of a beauty salon in Leeds and you will see some of their amazing creations.


Secondly, contrary to common belief, having your nails done in a salon is more hygienic than doing this at home, mainly because of the way they deal with removing cuticles. Many women use the wrong tools to do so and end up cutting too deep, which leads to bleeding and infection. Salon staff use sterilised tools and know exactly how much to remove from the cuticle. They also apply nourishing nail treatments, which can get rid of white marks, ridged nails and overall make nails stronger and healthier. If you have brittle nails, then regular visits to your local salon will definitely fix them.


Thirdly, there is the matter of cost, as this is the most invoked reason by women who do their manicure at home. A professional manicure may cost some money, but not if you look closer at the long term savings. The products used in a nail salon are professional and if you were to buy them yourself, they would cost a lot of money. Summed up, the price for tools, base, top coat, lacquer plus nail art designs would be really high compared to the £10 basic manicure. Also, if you need a particular nail colour that you don’t normally use, it would not be practical to buy a whole bottle when you will only use it once. Salon manicures are great when you have special occasions coming up and don’t want to spend money on the product yourself. Besides, don’t forget that in a salon they use long-lasting nail polish which stays on your nails for up to 10 days. At home, using mass market lacquer, the manicure is unlikely to last for more than 5 days.