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How to care for your luxury carpet

How to care for your luxury carpet


Investing in a luxury carpet makes total sense. You enjoy a product of high quality that lasts for years and years to come. Nothing can possibly compare to the feeling of deluxe matting under the feet. You have made a great investment by choosing a luxury carpet. Still, if you want the floor covering to look like new, you have to take good care of it. In the lack of proper maintenance, your carpet will not age gracefully. Do you want the matting to look just as spectacular as it did the day you bought it? If the answer is yes, then you need to use the following tips.

Have the luxury carpet professionally cleaned

If you are like most people, then like most people you clean your own floor covering. You will be surprised to hear that this is a huge mistake. No matter how much time you put into cleaning the carpet, you will not get professional results. Sure, you can try to do your best but it would be better if you hired someone specialising in professional carpet cleaning. Trained professionals utilize specific equipment to remove dust particles, bacteria, allergens, stains, and so on and so forth. Try as you might, you simply will not achieve the same results with a vacuum cleaner. The best that you can do is to give the floor covering a superficial clean. You should better click here and get in touch with a reputable service provider. Consider professional cleaning every 12 months.

Act right away in case of spills

Maybe you have tried to cover up your luxury carpet. However, spills will happen at some point or the other. The biggest mistake that you can do is to rub the spill. You will only end up extending the problem area. What you should do is to apply a spot cleaner and avoid scrubbing in a brutal manner. Stay away from strong stain cleaners. Not only do they take the colour out, but also they ruin the material. If you are dealing with a tough stain, it is recommendable to hire a professional carpet cleaning service. Only qualified professionals can handle nasty stains, helping you preserve the dye from inside the tapestry.

Pay attention to foot traffic

Although you may not realise it, your home and the train station have something in common. We are talking about foot traffic. Your house is required to endure a great amount of foot traffic every day. There are always people coming and going. This would not necessarily be a problem. Yet you do have the most luxurious carpet that money can buy. If you do not want your precious floor covering to be tainted by foot traffic, then you should take measures. Do not have guests over all the time and when you do, make sure to tell them to take off their shoes. Arrange a place for shoes and keep it away from the carpet. You do not want dirt on the floor.