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How to Choose a Good Full Body Massage Chair

How to Choose a Good Full Body Massage Chair

Massage has been used since for ever to alleviate muscle pains, back and neck pains, and to relax, but we now have massage chairs to provide us with the much needed massage, instead of having someone else give it to us. It’s a shame not to invest in one, especially now when you can find them at affordable prices as well, and with the appearance of full body massage chairs, you pretty much get the much needed massage for your entire body, not only for certain areas. But in order to be sure you are making the right choice when you are picking a certain model, you have to know what makes a massage chair be truly good, therefore you have to document yourself on this matter. Read the following lines if you are interested in buying a full body massage chair and you want to know how exactly you can choose the right one.
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Guidelines for choosing a good full body massage chair

Massage chairs are extremely popular due to the many health benefits they bring to the users, and owning one of these amazing machines can turn your life around, because after using it you will feel more relaxed and refreshed. Full body massage chairs take care of the entire body, therefore you won’t have a single muscle in your body feeling tense ever again by using them.

For the full body massage chair that you want to buy to be a truly good one, it must first of all have the zero gravity option, because it offers the best and safest stress relief that you can get.

When checking out various products, look for a shiatsu massage chair. This massage technique uses pressure in order to unblock energy points, thus soothing pain and quickening the healing process.

Another thing that a good full body massage chair must have are large rollers, because if the rollers are large, the massage will be more effective.

Massage chairs that can automatically adjust to fit your height and width are a must have as well. In addition, a great massage chair will come with a big number of pre-programmed massage settings to suit your every need, and it’s wise to go for a shiatsu massage chair that provides heating as well, because it will make a difference for your general health if you have infrared heat rays transmitted directly to your tense muscles, making them heal faster.

One of the best full body massage chairs available is the Osaki OS-4000, which will cost you $3000 to buy, but taking in account what this amazing massage chair has to offer, it will be money well spent. Beside being a full body massage chair, it has a LCD display, a wireless mini controller, it uses 32 airbags to enhance your experience with it, it has 7 operational modes, 11 motors, 4 roller systems, it has a neck and shoulder feature, and it comes with a useful 3 years warranty.