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How to Draw Easy Animals Step by Step

How to Draw Easy Animals Step by Step

If you are ready to learn how to draw easy animals, you should prepare yourself for becoming addicted to this type of activity. Drawing and creating cute characters can help you relax and reduce tension, which represents a great way to eliminate stress and anxiety. Plus, if you have children, they will be more than happy to take lessons from you to improve their drawing style. Therefore, you will be able to spend more quality time with your family, which is essential when it comes to maintaining a close relationship with your little ones. Here is some guidance that will help you achieve your goal.

How to draw an elephant

Step 1

In order to draw a cute elephant, you have to start by making two shapes that will serve as the elephant’s head and body. Then, you need to continue by tracing the facial axis which you will use as a guide when making the facial features.

Step 2

On this step, you have to draw the elephant’s floppy ear, and all the details that make it look more realistic. Don’t forget to draw in the side of the cheek, as that will make your character look even more charming than you expected.

Step 3

Using the facial guidelines, you will be able to create a proper head shape, and draw the trunk. Furthermore, you must make the trunk look like it is curling in at the end, and draw the other ear. Continue by drawing the character’s face, but keep in mind that when you want to learn how to draw easy animals, you must have a model in mind. So, we recommend you to use Chibi Lumpy¬†Heffalumpas as a source of inspiration. In order to make your elephant look like Lumpy, you have to create the stitched seam line that represents him so well, but also his small, cute eyes.

Step 4

Next, you need to focus on sketching simple traces that will act like the elephant’s mouth, eyebrows and creases. Use your imagination to add details to the ears, and try to draw the yarn in a way that it will resemble real hair. Before making the beginnings to Lumpy’s front leg, we suggest to draw in his back line and create the back foot.

Step 5

After finishing the front legs, you can direct your attention towards the elephant’s tail. Usually, elephants don’t have puffy tails, but giving that we used a Heffalump as an inspiration, we can enhance our drawing in any way we like.

Step 6

The last thing that you need to do is make the elephant’s toes, and add a stitch at his bottom. Remember to erase your mistakes, and your drawing will be complete. So, if you were wondering how to draw easy animals, you got your answer with this comprehensive guide.