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How to Plan a Low Budget Wedding

How to Plan a Low Budget Wedding

Planing a low budget wedding might seem like an intimidating task, especially since there are so many aspects that you need to take care of. However, there are solutions for any problem, so all you have to do is make a list of the things that are really important, and ignore the things that can bring no contribution to your wedding. Good food, high-quality beverages and great music are essential when it comes to making your guests have a good time, but there are certain things that people don’t really pay attention to. So, here is some advice that will help you cut some of your wedding costs.

Don’t spend lots of money on floral table centerpieces

As we all know, floral arrangements can be very expensive, especially when there are lots of tables that need to be decorated. Therefore, instead of spending a small fortune on flowers and decorations, we advise you to opt for centerpieces that are bursting with delicious, fresh fruits. That way, you won’t have to use fruit displays or candy bars anymore, as your guests will have anything they need at the reach of their hand. Depending on your preferences, you can arrange fruits in order to make them look like flowers, or you can can just place them in clear bowls, surrounded by lacy ornaments and crystals. We guarantee you that your low budget wedding will turn out to be great.

Focus on affordable wedding favors

One of the best ideas that you can use when you are planning a low budget wedding is to offer your guests homemade wedding favors. Giving the huge prices that these gifts can have, making your own wedding favors represents a great way to cut some of your wedding costs. So, if you want to offer your friends and family something that they will actually want, we advise you to give them small jars of homemade jam. Homemade jam is very appreciated, because it tastes better than what we usually find in supermarkets, and more important, it is 100% natural. So, you can be confident that everyone will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Have your wedding dress made

Although this might seem like an extreme measure, it is not such a bad idea once you analyze all the advantages that you can get. Furthermore, custom made dresses offer you the possibility to wear something similar to a designer’s creation without actually paying the price. You can inform yourself about the latest tendencies in wedding dresses, and copy the model that you like the most. However, make sure that you ask for a professional tailor’s services, because only that way you will obtain the gown that you dream of.