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How to Shop for a Good Wireless Security Camera

How to Shop for a Good Wireless Security Camera

Wireless security camera systems are the latest trend in terms of home protection provided by easy-to-use and easy-to-install devices that assure maximum surveillance and easy access without a bunch of wires displayed on the walls. If you are thinking about getting a wireless security system and you don’t know which features it should contain, here are some tips that will help you choose the best wireless camera for your home.

Look for a wide angle

The cameras of the security system should have a wide angle of recording, meaning you will be able to catch on tape even the most hidden corners of your house or your yard. Most wireless security camera systems have multiple cameras that get installed at a certain distance from one another to provide a full angle of monitoring. A 92 degrees angle will catch more action than a 70 degrees angle, so make sure you get a came with a wide recording angle.

Focus on the quality of the lens

The lens of the camera is very important in order to deliver a clear image and the resolution as well. So pay attention to these aspects. The higher the resolution and the magnification, the clearer the images, which is very important when it comes to the safety of our home.

Look for convenience features

The more features your wireless security camera offers you, the more protected you will feel, so opt for models that contain many features. A weatherproof security camera offers reliability and efficiency in any weather conditions and will make the investment worthwhile since it will last in sunlight, rain or snow.
The motion sensor on a wireless security camera is a feature that will allow the camera to record only when it senses motion, which is an important aspect if you place it in an area with little activity and any sign of motion can be a sign of worry.

An infrared feature is good for poorly lighted places and for night time when the visibility is low. Some cameras have sensitive light sensors that allow the camera to record in poor light, but the infrared sensor based on heat can allow the camera to record in complete darkness up to 150 feet away.

Privacy is very important

Make sure the wireless security camera you are getting will safely store your footage in a place where you can access them via a password. Some cameras have a memory disk incorporated to store the images recorded, others can be connected to an external memory card, while the latest models offer the possibility to store your data on a cloud in exchange of a recurring fee. The ability to access your data from a smartphone or a tablet is also very important, as it offers you full control of what happens at home when you are away, offering you peace of mind.

Combine the camera with other security solutions

For an optimal protection against burglaries, combine the camera with the best smart door lock, some top notch motion sensors, and an efficient alarm system. Read reviews to see what customers have to say about other security devices. When it comes to choosing the best smart door lock for your home, look for one which keeps an access log and which allows you to check your door lock’s status whenever you want. With such a device, you will no longer have to wonder whether or not you locked the door, as you can check directly from your phone.