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How to Turn a Room into a Nursery

How to Turn a Room into a Nursery

The arrival of a baby is a joyful moment in any family and every parent is excited to prepare the baby’s room and to decorate it with all the necessary items. From cleaning and preparing the room for the baby, to decorating and choosing the baby crib, every step has its importance in creating a safe, healthy and comfortable environment for the newest family member. Here are some tips that can guide you in turning a room into a nursery that will host the baby.

Thoroughly clean the room

Cleanliness is the main rule that you must always keep in the nursery and this implies regularly cleaning the drapes and rugs, the linens and the air in the room. While the fabrics can be thoroughly washed at a high temperature in the washing machine, when it comes to cleaning the air you can count on the help of an air purifier and a dehumidifier. The air purifiers removes all the bacteria, allergens, dust mites, germs and viruses that travel through the air, while the dehumidifier adjusts the level of humidity to a healthy level that will improve the baby’s breathing and will eliminate the excessive moisture that promotes mold spores. With these two devices, you can be sure that the air in the nursery is perfectly clean.

You can start decorating as you like

Depending on the gender of the baby, you can start painting and decorating the nursery. There is a wide pallet of colors that match every taste, from shades of pink and purple for little girls to blue and gray for the boys. If you don’t want to go on the classic lines, colors like yellow, green, orange, beige or cream are suitable for both genders. Use light shades for the walls and add a touch of color with the carpet and curtains. The nursery must contain some pieces of furniture that are necessary to provide the child with care and comfort. You should also do some research in order to see which is the best crib mattress 2015. The mattress if very important since the baby spends a lot of their time sleeping. The best crib mattress 2015 should be chemical free and should provide the baby with a proper support. Besides the baby crib, you have to buy a changing table that comes with drawers for the baby’s products and a soft mattress on top where you place the baby to change their diaper. Add to that a little wardrobe and a large armchair for you to sit while you hold the baby and the nursery is complete.

Carefully choose the crib and the crib mattress

When you choose your baby’s crib, make sure it is both safe and comfortable and that the baby will be able to use for the first years of their life. The frame of the crib must be tall enough to allow the child to stand in the crib without falling on the sides and the mattress must be equally soft and firm to sustain the baby’s body. Crib mattresses should not be too soft, otherwise the baby will suffocate while they roll oven in their sleep, so test the mattress with your finger when you buy it to see if it is firm enough. As for the fabric of the mattress, it should be a natural one made of organic fibers that are not treated with chemicals and do not affect the respiratory system of the baby. The linens must also be very clean and you should avoid using perfumes and softeners with strong odors.