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Improve Your Health and Eating Habits by Cooking Healthy

Improve Your Health and Eating Habits by Cooking Healthy

Cooking healthy is not just about choosing the best ingredients, using less fat or passing on the vegetarian side. The wrong food preparation methods can affect the nutritional qualities of food, so it is important to know how to tell the difference between boiling or steam cooking and understand how can ingredients affect every style of cooking.

Simmer the food at low heat

Boiling food is a method of cooking without hassle, given the fact that water and salt is all you need. However, depending on the temperature at which they are cooked, the cooking time or when they are placed in water, ingredients and their qualities can be influenced because simmering for a long time at high temperatures and in a large amount of water can dissolve soluble vitamins and up to 70% of the minerals in some foods, especially in vegetables.

Steam cooking, a healthy way of preparing food

A great idea of cooking healthy is steam cooking. This very old food preparation method is widely used in most traditional cuisine, especially in the Oriental countries not only because of the lack of ovens, but also because the products obtained are healthier and tastier. The most common method is to put food over a pot of boiling water and cover them although it can be quite inefficient because, in the absence of special pots, accidents can happen. A method that requires longer amount of time is cooking directly over the hot water, but there is the same risk of accidents. In addition, much of the steam is lost. The advantage is that being wrapped in special cooking paper, food boils in its own juice, keeping its flavor. Oriental method of cooking rice over steam consists in boiling water and sinking the rice in the hot water until the water is absorbed completely. Besides these traditional methods, modern steam cooking is much easier and on the market today there is a wide range of steam cooking appliances.

Forget about frying food in oil

The harmful combination can be avoided with a simple trick: grill the meat in a well heated pan-grill. Thanks to the striations and the anti-slip layer, you do not need oil. The steak will turn out at least as good as if it was oil fried and no more flavors are wasted in the oil, but remain locked in the flesh. If still you prefer fried food, a better way of cooking healthy using oil is to replace your regular sunflower oil with extra virgin olive oil. This alternative may be a little more expensive, but the benefits it brings to your health are priceless.

As you can see, you don’t need to be a healthcare professional in order to take care of your health. You just need to better understand your body. Click here if you wish to discover more useful health advice.