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Inexpensive Ways to Speed Up Your Computer

Inexpensive Ways to Speed Up Your Computer

Any computer, old or new, will experience function problems once you start installing software and programs, it will start working slow and will no longer yield. Everybody knows how irritating it is to sit in front of your computer and wait for an internet page to open, or a file to get copied. In order to fix these annoying problems, there are some things you can do to speed up your computer.

Delete temporary files

Temporary files include many unwanted files that are kept in the computer’s memory, doing nothing but filling the memory and space. Once they are removed, the PC’s performance will improve. “Disk Cleanup” tools for cleaning the disk helps you free up space on your hard by deleting all temporary files for Internet and Windows. In addition, it also empties “recycle bin” and removes programs you do not use on your PC.

Remove the dust and dirt

If you have and old and tired computer, you might want to take care of its look, as dust has definitely gathered both outside and inside on the components. There are many cleaning solutions, like compressed air or alcohol based sprays that are perfect for cleaning the dirt deposited on the components and insist on the fans in order to speed up your computer. Once you will clean it inside out, you will notice a significant improvement, as well as a more silent functioning.

Prefer gadgets with cables to those wireless

A great way to speed up your computer, or at least to give this feeling, is to replace the fashionable wireless components with old-school cable ones, as files are downloaded faster through cable and the internet works better through cable than Wi-fi.

Give up multitasking

If you tend to use several softwares at the same time, give up on this habit as multitasking can make your computer work slower. Start-up programs should also be eliminated whether you use them or not, if you want your computer to run faster.

Defragment the hard disk

Whenever you install a new program on your computer, this is not saved in a sorted way thus you have to delete files, browse and install new ones and everything becomes a chaos. In this situation, you need a defragmentation tool that will arrange the files exactly as they should be arranged in order to show you how much space you have available on the drive.

Repair disk errors

Errors are one of the main reasons computers work slowly and repairing them is an important step in improving your PC. You can use the computer’s own error repairing system in order to optimize the operating system.